Cincinnati vs Cleveland Match highlights – Match Recap, Score & Stats

Cincinnati vs Cleveland Match highlights: It was Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns on Halloween night, but only one of the teams can be proud of its performance in Monday’s game. The Browns steamrolled the Bengals, overcoming a slow offensive start and piling on the points in the 2nd half. In the match, Cincinnati didn’t score until the 4th quarter and trailed by as much as 26 and like an older sibling who steals their siblings’ Halloween candy, the Cleveland Browns bullied the Cincinnati Bengals on both sides of the ball on October 2023.

The Cleveland Browns dominated the game while posting a 32-13 win over its in-state rival on Halloween. Here we are sharing Cincinnati VS Cleveland Match Highlights which was organized on October 2023. We will also highlight about the Cincinnati VS Cleveland match October 2023 Match Recap so read the whole page. Check this article to know more about Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns Match 2023 Stats, and Score.

Cincinnati vs Cleveland Match Highlights

The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals closed out Week 8 of the National Football League (NFL) season and it was anything but a tight contest. With many thinking a Cincinnati Bengals win was an assured thing, despite missing Ja’Marr Chase, it was anything but. The Cleveland Browns had a 2-5 record while the Cincinnati Bengals had a 4-3 record, the game did not reflect that. The first quarter ended with zero points and it took until the 2nd to see any action. The Cleveland Browns raced out to an 11-0 lead, thanks largely to running back Nick Chubb as the Cincinnati Bengals had no answer for number 24. The blowout continued in the 3rd as the Cleveland Browns piled on another 14 points without reply to push the lead out to 25-0.

Trying to save face in the 4th quarter, the Cincinnati Bengals offense finally got something going, scoring 2 touchdowns, but it was all academic. On their home turf, Cleveland Browns demolished the Cincinnati Bengals 32-12 to win their 3rd game of the season. The Cincinnati Bengals have now dropped a game behind the Ravens for first place in the AFC North while Brissett’s team closed the gap on Baltimore.

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Cincinnati vs Cleveland match October 2024 Match Recap

Cleveland Browns scored 30 or more points for just the 2nd time right in this season, and it was great of the players how they played the match. To say that this player forced his will on the Cincinnati Bengal’s defense is an understatement as he did really well in the match. They had no answer and he finished with 101 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns on 23 carries.

The Kareem Hunt also punished the Cincinnati Bengals, finishing with 42 rushing yards on 11 carries and the Jacoby played perhaps his best game of the tournament, going for 278 yards. On the other hand, Cooper played a great match for his team, catching 5 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown.

Cincinnati vs Cleveland Match highlights - Match Recap, Score & Stats

Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns Match 2024 Stats, Score

Cincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns
23.00Total Score24.67
248.67Passing Yards213.00
89.00Rushing Yards172.00
33:12Time on Field32:55
67.17Number of Plays68.83
5.03Yards Per Play5.5

Head To Head

Cincinnati BengalsStat TypeCleveland Browns
114.00Rush Yds131.90
37.00Pass Attempts28.60
64.59Completion %62.59
231.50Passing Yds235.10
345.5Total Yds367

Team Records

Cincinnati BengalsRecordCleveland Browns
2-1ATS Home1-3
3-1ATS Away2-1
1-2O/U Home4-0
1-3O/U Away1-2

Something About NFL

The American Football League (NFL) is quite different from normal football. The shape of the ball in football is round. In this 90-minute match, there is a halftime after 45 minutes. Also, the player can score with the foot or the header. At the same time, in American Football (NFL), the ball is oval in shape. It consists of four quarters of 15-15 minutes, that is, a game of 60 minutes. In the NFL, the player runs with the ball in his hand or passes it by hand to the partner. 32 teams play in the NFL, 16 of which belong to the American Football Conference (AFC) and 16 to the National Football Conference (NFC). All teams play a total of 16 matches and the final match of the NFL is called the Super Ball.

The National Football League is the biggest, most prestigious, and most popular football league in America. It was founded in 1920 by 11 teams. Initially, its name was the American Professional Football Association, later on, it was changed to the National Football League in 1922. The league currently has 32 teams from US cities and regions and in this, we have highlighted everything.

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