Covid XBB 1.5 Variant Explained !! Symptoms and Precautions

Covid XBB 1.5 Variant Symptoms and Precautions: After a few days of respite, once again we are witnessing an increase in the cases of corona. While the BF.7 variant is the cause of the new wave of coronavirus in China, the cases of XBB.1.5 are on the rise in America. According to data revealed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the XBB.1.5 variant is responsible for 40 per cent of cases in the USA.

Doctors have expressed concern about the increasing number of cases in China but infectious disease experts are concerned about XBB.1.5 as XBB is a variant of two different Omicron BA.2 subvariants. Here in this article, we will update you about the Covid XBB 1.5 Variant, New Variant Symptoms and precautions so read now.

Covid XBB 1.5 Variant Explained

XBB is a variant of two different Omicron BA.2 subvariants and scientists are still in the early stages of studying the new subvariant. XBB.1.5 differs from other members of its family in that it appears to have an additional mutation that may help it better bind to cells. And, it can develop serious diseases by growing rapidly in the body by getting more contagious.

Arrival of Covid XBB 1.5

XBB.1.5 was first noted by JP Weiland a few weeks ago. In October 2022, Yunlong Cao and colleagues reported that XBB and three other subvariants became completely resistant to antibodies in blood samples from people who had been vaccinated or had a COVID-19 infection, according to the New York Times. In October the WHO stated that the global prevalence of the XBB subvariant is 1.3% and has been found in 35 countries.

Covid XBB 1.5 Variant Explained !! Symptoms and Precautions

How dangerous is Covid Variant XBB.1.5?

On one hand, there is a crisis of coronavirus in India. On the other hand, the discussion of Omicron’s variant XBB.1.5 has also started. So far in China, Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 has increased the difficulties of the people, but now in America, due to the variant XBB.1.5, there is an uproar. As per experts, the XBB.1.5 variant spreads 120 per cent faster than BQ1.

Experts are claiming that more than 40 per cent of the cases in the US are of Omicron’s XBB.1.5 variant. According to the information, the XBB.1.5 variant is better able to escape from the body’s immunity than XBB and BQ.

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Covid BF.7 Variant Symptoms

India reports the first case of XXB.1.5 variant

The first case of infection with the XBB.1.5 variant has also been confirmed in India. As per the report of the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium, the first case of XXB.1.5 variant has been reported in Gujarat. The way the situation has been seen deteriorating in the USA due to this, keeping in mind such danger, India also needs to take special precautions.

Should be worried about XBB.1.5 variant?

Health experts say, its effect should not be much in India because people here have been cured after getting infected by the XBB variant of the same family, and most of the people here have also taken primary and booster doses.

Due to the wide scope of the vaccination campaign in our country and the better condition of natural immunity, the fear of worsening the situation is less anyway. Even if the infection intensifies for some reason, very few people will have to get admitted to the hospital.

Symptoms of the XBB.1.5 variant

Some features of the XBB variant are similar to other variants and its main symptoms are runny nose, fever, sore throat, headache, cold, sneezing, and cough.

Covid XBB 1.5 Variant- Precautions

  • Wear a Mask- This is a very common safety but it is very important to be taken seriously. Many people feel uncomfortable in applying a mouth mask. But in view of the danger of Covid XBB 1.5 Variant, start wearing it. According to doctors, this reduces the risk of infection manifold. That’s why buy a mouth mask and wear it after leaving the house.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer- Get a pocket-size Hand Sanitizer use it frequently when you are outside.
  • Maintain Social Distance- Most attention has to be paid to the fact that you have to keep your distance from the people who are sneezing. The WHO has recently once again advised all people to be cautious about this. Actually, coronavirus also has symptoms similar to a cold, in such a situation, when someone is sneezing around you, move away from them and try to cover your mouth.
  • Wash the Food- Whenever food items are taken, they should be washed thoroughly before use, hands should also be washed and cleaned. In this way, the infection present on the surface of the goods gets cleaned.
  • Keep doors and windows open- Coronavirus has become a global health problem. In such a situation, scientists have studied and found that if we breathe fresh air by keeping the doors and windows open, then it can be avoided from the grip of coronavirus. Try to keep the doors and windows of your bedroom and guest room open.
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