Elden Ring DLC Expansion Announced – Shadow Of The Erdtree

Good news for all Elden Ring fans as the developer FromSoftware has officially announced the development of Shadow of the Erdtree, an upcoming DLC expansion for the game. However no Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree Release Date 2023 has been confirmed yet, the developers have shared new key artwork for the expansion on the official Elden Ring and FromSoftware via social media accounts.

Guys, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, will be available on various platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam. The news also revealed that a more detailed report will be shared soon, although the exact timeline was not specified. Fans can likely expect more information about the DLC shortly so guys keep a close watch on this page to know more about the game.

Elden Ring DLC Expansion Announced

FromSoftware, the developer of Elden Ring, one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022, has revealed that the game will receive its first major expansion in the form of DLC content named Shadow of Eritrea. The announcement was made on 28 February 2023, but the company has not provided any information regarding the Elden Ring DLC release date of 2023.

This news comes just days after Elden Ring’s 1 year anniversary, in which it has sold more than 20 million copies and received unprecedented game of the year awards, including at DICE, New York Game Awards, The Game Awards, and IGN’s best game of the year as well.

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Elden Ring 2024 Highlights

Game NameElden Ring
Developer NameFromSoftware
PublishersBandai Namco Entertainment JP: FromSoftware
Directed byHidetaka MiyazakiYui Tanimura
Produced byYuzo Kojima
Programmed byTakeshi Suzuki Yuki Kido
Written byHidetaka Miyazaki George R. R. Martin
Composed byTsukasa Saitoh Shoi Miyazawa Tai Tomisawa Yuka Kitamura Yoshimi Kudo
PlatformPlay Station 4 PlayStation 5 Windows Xbox One Xbox Series X/S
Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree Release Date 2024Available Soon
GenreAction role-playing
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer
Elden Ring DLC Expansion Announced - Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring DLC Expansion 2024 Shadow Of The Erdtree

If you are an Elden Ring fan and you have been hoping to hear news about an expansion soon, we have good news. Developer FromSoftware has officially announced Shadow of the Erdtree, a DLC for the award-winning RPG that will take players back to the Lands Between.

In the official update on their social media page about the DLC, the developers say that it’s currently in development but no information about the expansion or its content was revealed, however, a piece of artwork and the logo for Shadow of the Erdtree was included in the announcement.

Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree Release Date 2024

Elden Ring has had just one other piece of DLC expand to the game since launch, which came in the form of the Colosseum multiplayer update. It hasn’t been confirmed how much content Shadow of the Erdtree will include, but it will be the first single-player expansion available for Elden Ring.

The upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, is eagerly awaited by game lovers for several reasons. Firstly, Elden Ring has been a hugely successful title and also FromSoftware has a history of releasing DLC content within a year of a game’s first launch.

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC expansion- Points

  • Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has announced the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for its award-winning RPG.
  • The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC expansion will offer players new adventures in the Lands Between. But as of now, we don’t have an Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree Release Date 2023 or more concrete details yet.
  • The artwork attached to the Elden Ring DLC Expansion Announced features a person with blonde hair riding Torrent towards an ominous tree in the distance, with the nearby golden fields filled with spectral headstones and grave markers, stone coffins, and ruins.
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