Google Play Store Update – Finally rolling out Play Store reviews tailored to your device

Google has just introduced a new feature for Play Store, as now it will show reviews based on the type of device an individual is using. As per the news, the update was promised in 2021, but it has come as Google prepares to introduce its tablet and wearable. In the review section of the Google Play Store, there is now a notification which states that the ratings are verified and that you are showing feedback from people who use the same type of device.

This latest feature by Google is very needful as Android apps or games spread to even greater form factors and someone using Samsung’s upcoming phone will experience an app very differently than someone running it on a Oppo/vivo phone.

Google is finally rolling out Play Store reviews tailored to your device

Google has finally rolled out a new feature that was in discussion since 2021 as it says it’s been wanting to create something that provides individual with tailored reviews. This way, they can understand various apps or games across the Play Store and download something that goes in line with their choice. Last year the company said that we will be updating the rating further to reflect what kind of devices users are browsing Play On, whether it’s tablets and foldable, Chrome OS, Wear or other devices.

This will give individual a great experience they can expect for the mobile or a tablet they are using. The Google had mentioned that ratings help people decide which apps to download and they are taken into account for features and placement on the Play Store. Now, the Google has finally started rolling out this feature across countries. This means that an individual can now see app/game reviews and rating that are tailored to the type of device that a user is using.

Google Play Store Reviews as per your device

The decision to roll this feature was made in the mid of 2021, and then news we have got about it launching during the early part of this year. Now, however, the rollout is going on, and do check if you also have got this feature or not. The updates arrives in September 2022 as the Google is keen on launching its own tablet and a few wearables in coming days.

And we think it’s definitely going to help in that respect and if you visit the Play Store now, you will find a new notice that states of ‘verified’ ratings. You will get the feedback from those having similar devices as you means if a person is having a Samsung Galaxy mobile then he/she will get the reviews for this phone only.

Google Play Store Update - Finally rolling out Play Store reviews tailored to your device

How to Review any App/Game on Google Play Store

If you want to know how to share your review on Google Play Store then you can read this paragraph. Whenever you install any app/game from Play Store, first of all you see the review or ratings of that app/game so that you can estimate how beneficial that app is.

If we see good reviews then we instantly download that app or game and if we see that this app/game has negatives reviews then we start searching for it substitute. Therefore, if you use any App/game, then definitely give it a review on Play Store so that the review given by you will help others in deciding whether the App will be useful for anyone or not.

  • First of all, open Google Play Store on your Android phone
  • After that search for the app about which you want to give review.
  • There you will see the Star Symbol under the Rate App option.
  • Select the number of stars you want to give to that app/game or if you want, you can also share a review by clicking on Write a Review.
  • Now a box will come in front of you to write a message, where you can write whatever you want to write about that app/game.
  • There you will find some options below, in which you can select something if you want.
  • After that you will see the option of Post above, click on it
  • Now a popup will come in front of you, which will notify that your review has been successfully posted
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