Marburg Virus Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Origin, Treatment and Vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the first outbreak of Marburg virus disease in Equatorial Guinea, saying the Ebola-related virus is responsible for few deaths in the country. Marburg virus spreads very fast. Due to this, the affected person gets very high fever with bleeding. After infection with this virus, the probability of death is up to 88 %.

It is also a member of the same family to which the Ebola virus is considered a member. How dangerous the Marburg virus is can be understood from the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has deployed emergency experts and infection control teams in the affected areas. Today via this article we will tell you about Marburg Virus Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Origin, Treatment and Vaccine in this page.

Marburg Virus Disease

The Marburg virus is making headlines in the African country of Equatorial Guinea and many people have died here. How dangerous the Marburg virus is, it can be understood from the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has deployed emergency experts and teams to prevent infection in the affected areas.

According to WHO, Marburg is a disease caused by virus due to which the patient suffers from high fever. That’s why Marburg is also called hemorrhagic fever. On an average, the risk of death due to disease remains up to 50 % but in severe condition, this risk reaches up to 88 %. It is very similar to the Ebola virus. Its virus reaches humans through bats and then spreads from humans to humans.

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Marburg Virus Disease – Origin

Marburg Virus Disease was first identified in 1967 when infection spread to some laboratories in Germany, Belgrade and Serbia. In the year 2004, about 250 people were infected in the country of Angola, out of which about 90 percent people died. Last year also, 2 deaths were reported in the country ‘Ghana’, the cause of which was also considered to be Marburg Virus Disease.

How does Marburg virus transmitted?

Like the Ebola virus, the Marburg virus has also reached humans from bats. Physical proximity is the main factor responsible for its spread. It spreads very fast by coming close to each other. It is also spread by touching the clothes or surface touched by an infected person. That is, just as the covid19 virus can spread through an infected person, surface and material, MVD also spreads in the same way and it was first identified in the year 1967.

Marburg Virus Disease - Symptoms, Causes, Origin, Treatment and Vaccine

Symptoms of Marburg virus disease

A person affected by Marburg virus suddenly starts having severe headache, very high fever and more severe symptoms. Many patients have symptoms of severe bleeding within seven days. WHO says, in severe condition, blood can come from the stool, nose and jaws of the patient. In this case, the nervous system is also affected, and the mental condition of the patient worsens and there is also a lack of blood in the body.

  • High fever
  • Intense headache
  • Severe malaise

Other common symptoms include: 

  • Muscle pain
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Stomach pain

How dangerous is the Marburg virus?

World Health Organization has stated that Marburg virus is a very deadly virus, which reaches people from bats and then spreads from one person to another. Due to this, the infected person gets Hemorrhagic Fever and gradually his condition becomes serious. As per the organization 88 % of the patients found so far died.

Marburg Virus Disease – Treatment and Vaccine

According to the World Health Organisation, there is currently no vaccine available to prevent Marburg virus. However, Marburg virus can be prevented by adopting some things in everyday life. To prevent the Marburg virus, wear a mask and gloves while going out of the house. So we dont have a vaccine or treatment available to protect people from Marburg virus. Now health experts are advising to take some precautions to keep yourself safe from MVD and hydrating the body from inside out, which can also increase the survival rate.

  • If someone in your family or surroundings is infected with Marburg virus, isolate him/her in a separate room.
  • Wear a face mask while meeting the patient.
  • Wash the clothes and the things used by the person infected with Marburg virus separately.
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