Why Justin Roiland Will No Longer Be a Part of Rick and Morty, Everything You Need to Know

Adult Swim’s working relationship with “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland is officially over as the Warner Bros. Discovery brand severed ties with Justin Roiland following news of domestic abuse charges surfacing earlier this month. According to the official statement, Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland and he will no longer be involved with “Rick and Morty,” the animated series is expected to continue, according to the news, although Roiland’s voice roles will be done by others.

Adult Swim, which ordered 70 episodes of the show in 2018, has aired less than half that number. News first reported on the news of domestic abuse charges against Justin Roiland and according to the complaint, he is charged by the Orange County District Attorney’s office with false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, and/or deceit. A trial date has not yet been set for this case, but another pre-trial hearing has been set for 27 April 2023

Who is Justin Roiland?

Mark Justin Roiland was born on February 21, 1980, he is an American animator, voice actor, writer, producer, and director. He is the co-creator of Adult Swim’s animated sitcom Rick and Morty, for which he voiced the protagonists Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith until the network ended ties with him.

Justin Roiland is the co-creator of Hulu’s Solar Opposites, in which he did the voiceover of the main character, Korvo. Roiland has also played Earl of Lemongrab on Adventure Time, Blendin Blandin on Gravity Falls, and Oscar on Fish Hooks. Justin Roiland also founded the animation studio Justin Roiland’s Solo Vanity Card Productions and the video game studio Squanch Games.

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Why Justin Roiland Will No Longer Be a Part of Rick and Morty, Everything You Need to Know

Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland has been dropped as the voice of the famous characters on the animated series and will no longer work on the show, after it emerged he had been charged with domestic abuse in Orange County. The 42-year-old has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial after he was charged with corporal injury and false imprisonment by menace, fraud, violence, or deceit.

The charges are from 202 incidents against an unidentified woman Roiland was living with and dating at the time. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created the animated sci-fi sitcom about a mad scientist and his grandson, both voiced by him. On 24 January 2023, Marie Moore, senior VP of communications at the show’s distributor Adult Swim, released a statement saying: “Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland.

Why Justin Roiland Will No Longer Be a Part of Rick and Morty, Everything You Need to Know

Justin Roiland and Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland is the voice of both Rick and Morty, as well as various other smaller characters. According to some news, Rick and Morty will continue with his voice roles re-cast, and while Justin Roiland will retain his credit as co-creator, Harmon will now be the sole showrunner.

Justin Roiland also co-created and provides a voice on the animated comedy Solar Opposites, and provides voice and executive produces the animated series Koala Man, and both are broadcast on Hulu in the US and Disney+ around the world. Justin Roiland was charged with domestic violence in January 2023, pertaining to an alleged incident in January 2020. And now he is facing charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment.

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The charges against Justin Roiland

NBC News first shared the news on 12 January 2023 that Justin Roiland has been charged with a count of domestic battery with corporal injury and one count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, or deceit in Orange County.

The charges are based on an alleged incident of the year 2020 with an unnamed Jane Doe with whom he was in a relationship at that time, Justin Roiland was released on a $50,000 bond at that time he pled not guilty. Many pre-trial hearings have already taken place, and the next hearing is on 27 April 2023.

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