Anthony Carrigan Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Movie, Earnings

Anthony Carrigan, who has been known to be an actor famous for the HBO series called ‘Barry’, was born on 02nd January 1983. He has been known to play roles that have highly distinctive traits when it comes to the character concerned in the project. Anthony has been hugely popular among the Western audience for mainly playing the character of NoHo in the HBO TV series, which has been shown as ‘Barry’. The role of NoHo, which had been taken up by Anthony, is shown in the series as ‘Noho Hank’, who is a feared mobster in the group.

It has also been mentioned in the recent news reports that Anthony has been selected to play a different role this time. In the entertainment reports, it has been said that the actor has been now chosen to be able to make a drastic transition. This transition will allow the ‘Barry’ actor to jump from a mobster role to of a much more demanding role of a superhero in the next few months. This opportunity has come to him after Anthony has given numerous performances and as the new superhero movie has been announced with his role confirmed.

Anthony Carrigan Net Worth 2024

Anthony has been in the attention for playing various memorable roles including the like of the Chechen (from Russia) mobster who is an important part of the HBO TV series, which had been titled ‘Barry’. His character has been named NoHo Hank in the mentioned HBO series and it has gained a lot of popularity with the general audience both for the show and himself. Other roles have been played by him in other movies such as the ABC crime drama TV serial known as ‘The Forgotten’, where the American actor was chosen to play the fascinating role of Tyler Davis.

In previous years, it had also been seen that Anthony has been able to bring subtle measures to life by bringing his versatile skills as an actor into play. It has been shown in the films and serials which he has been a part of in recent months, such as the role of a supervillain character in the comic books which have been published by the DC Comics. In the comic book adaptations, he has played the character of ‘Victor Zsasz’, as shown in the FOX Series with the title ‘Gotham’ until 2019. These roles have come before the HBO series ‘Barry’ and as a result, it has now been stated that the actor has now been chosen to play the role of a superhero in his next film.

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Anthony Carrigan Bio & Earnings Overview

NameAnthony Carrigan
Born02nd January 1983
BirthplaceBoston, US
Known ForPlaying ‘Victor Zsasz’ in Gotham until 2019
Recent RoleNoHo Hank in HBO’s ‘Barry’
DiseaseAlopecia Areata
Disease TypeAutoimmune
EducationCarnegie Mellon University (BFA)
PartnerGia Olimp
Awards“The People’s Choice Award for the Drama Movie Star of the Year”
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild, etc.
Next Movie“Superman: Legacy” in 2025
Next RoleSuperhero ‘Metamorpho’ in 2025
Height5.8 ft
WeightOver 85 kg
Net WorthOver 5 million USD

Anthony Carrigan Early Life, Age & Family

Anthony Carrigan, who has played the role of ‘Victor’ as a supervillain in the Fox series ‘Gotham’, was born on 02nd January 1983. It has been noted that he has spent most of his early years growing up in the City Of Boston, the largest and the capital city in Massachusetts. Since his early childhood days spent in Boston, Anthony has been struggling with an autoimmune disorder, popularly known as Alopecia Areata. In this disorder, it has been seen that hair loss starts to occur from some or all the affected parts in someone’s body.

While Carrigan had been growing up, he only had very small effects and slight symptoms of the same. This had included little bald spots which had been manageable but as he had reached his early 20s, Anthony had started to lose more hair from his body. It has been mentioned by him that to handle the hair loss, Anthony had started to wear excessive makeup along with artificial eyebrows, while he had been filming the ABC TV series, ‘The Forgotten’. He had married a professional chess player, namely, ‘Gia Olimp’ after the couple had met at the Bleecker Street Station in New York.

Anthony Carrigan Net Worth – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Movie, Earnings

Anthony Carrigan Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

After completing a degree (as graduation) in fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University, Anthony started his acting journey through his excellent performance in the crime series, ‘The Forgotten’, which was released in the year 2009. Following this, he gained attention for his determination and the subtle details that he puts into his roles and as a result, he was also been selected to play the supervillain from the DC Comic books, also popular among the fans as, ‘Victor Zsasz’. It has also been widely known that the actor had played Dennis McCoy, in the past for an adventure movie, called as ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’.

This hilarious portrayal increased his fan base to a worldwide audience for his tenacity. In his next movie, which was titled ‘Fatherhood’, his acting skills had been proven to be top-notch. For this reason, the movie had also been able to win ‘The People’s Choice Award for the Drama Movie Star of the Year’ by the audience, as reported. Now at the age of 40, Carrigan has come to be known to have completely lost all of his hair which includes his eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. However, the ‘Gotham’ actor has taken it into his career and has been seen fit for the roles of villains.

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Anthony Carrigan Latest News & Movies

As per the recent news, it has been said that Anthony Carrigan has now become a member of the cast for the upcoming blockbuster production, with the title ‘Superman: Legacy’. It has also been reported that this transition for Anthony will be a turning point as he has already been cast to play a supervillain from the DC Comics. Similarly, now he has been chosen to leap into playing the role of the superhero in the next Superman movie. The movie has been titled ‘Superman: Legacy’ and the character which has been assigned to Carrigan is of the superhero called as ‘Metamorpho’.

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This announcement has been able to draw a storm of excited fans to the Twitter, who are expecting that the role is going to be justified by Carrigan’s acting prowess. It has also been stated that the new ‘Superman: legacy’ with Anthony as ‘Metamorpho’ has been decided to be put up for release on 11th July 2025. Carrigan has become renowned for playing the role of Noho Hank in the HBO black comedy TV, ‘Barry’, for which he has also been nominated as the “Outstanding Supporting Actor”, as it has been reported.