Dragon Ball Magic Release Date – Leaks, Web Anime Details, Kid Goku

A new rumor has been making rounds on the social media accounts of many, at a time, when most of the fans all over the world who have been in love with the creation of Japanese anime series have been waiting for new shows. In the latest update for the fans of these anime series, the rumor has suggested that there is a new show in the series of Dragon Ball, which is going to be released in the coming months for the Dragon Ball fans. It has not been made official yet by the Dragon Ball’s team yet.

This is to say that as the Dragon Ball fan community gets excited with the rumors of a new Dragon Ball show, it is also expected that before any official updates will come out, there will be a long wait. This is at a time when there is a new special panel has been announced for the upcoming New York Comic Con which is scheduled to be in the month of October 2023. This has come as a big news to the Dragon Ball fans, as it is expected that there is going to be a lot of talk about the new developments in the continuation of Dragon Ball story, and a new Dragon Ball Teaser is also in the line to be released.

Dragon Ball Magic Release Date

In the upcoming Comic Con which is going to be held in the New York City in next month on 12th October 2023, a new Dragon Ball Special Team has been announced, and as a result, this has made the Son Goku fans all over the world excited once again. It is because this Dragon Ball Special NYCC Panel is going to tell about the special guests in the upcoming series, and it is possible that they also confirm a new return of another Dragon Ball series. This news has made all the fans to anticipate about the new web  Dragon Ball series, which can either be a spinoff or a new story altogether.

To help with this, there has been a new leak which has been getting popular online, after an anime leaker posted the following details on the social media account. In these anime details, it has been suggested that the next big anime which is going to be a phenomenon for the global audience is Dragon Ball Magic. It has not been confirmed yet, but if this is true then the Dragon Ball Magic is going to be the latest addition for this anime series. It is expected that the new Dragon Ball series which is going to be teased in the next 2023 Comic Con is going to confirm the arrival of this new anime, labelled as Dragon Ball Magic. In the new Dragon Ball Magic series, Goku and Supreme Kai are going to lead the story.

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Dragon Ball Magic Anime Overview

TV ShowDragon Ball Magic
GenreAction, Fantasy
FranchiseDragon Ball
Based OnDragon Ball Manga
AuthorAkira Toriyama
TypeAnime Web Series
Release DateTBA
New York Comic Con12th October 2023

Dragon Ball Magic Release Date & Story

The new Dragon Ball series, the details for which has been recently published by an online anime leaker account, is going to be called Dragon Ball Magic. It must be noted that there have been a total of 3 anime series which have been released, as part of the adaptations of the Dragon Ball manga, by the Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. For the Dragon Ball fans, this update has come as a fresh news, as there have not been any other recent Dragon Ball episodes from the other series which also involve the creator Akira Toriyama (known for Dragon Ball & Dr. Slump).

In the series, the story tells about Son Goku, who is a monkey tailed boy who has to travel with Bulma (a teenaged girl), as they both set out to find out about the 7 dragon balls which can be used to summon the dragon Shenlong. Goku prepares himself with the hardest training regimes in martial arts to fight in the tournament of Tenkaichi Budokai, following which, he finds the Dragon Ball which his grandfather had left him. Later, after defeating the killer hired by the Red Ribbon Army, named Taopaipai, he has to reunite with his friends to find the last of all the Dragon Balls. In his journey, Goku also becomes a father of Gohan, and makes many other friends.

Dragon Ball Magic Release Date

Dragon Ball Magic Release Date & Plot Leak

After the release of Dragon Ball Z, there were many films which were released with a sequel series, also known as the Dragon Ball GT, and another midquel series with the title of Dragon Ball Super (between the years 2015-2018). Following this, the huge fan base which have been with the Dragon Ball Series have been waiting for the midquel series Dragon Ball Super to continue. But in the latest rumor about the continuation of Dragon Ball story, it is mentioned that instead of the story of Dragon Ball Super to continue, the studio has announced the production of Dragon Ball Magic as of now.

This has also been very disappointing for the Dragon Ball fans, but there are no official announcements for this rumored web anime, which is also expected to release in early 2024. It is expected that there are going to be about 10-15 episodes, which will focus the story on the characters of Goku and Supreme Kai, but this time the adventures are expected to belong to Trunks & Goten. The online Dragon Ball Magic leaks have been made by the X accounts of DBSHype and SupaChronicles.

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In the Dragon Ball Magic leaks, the name of this 2024 series is Aya Komaki, working with the character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. The 2023 Dragon Ball Magic Leak also tell that animation for the 2024 show is going to be set in the style of 90’s scenery. The Dragon Ball Magic Plot is going to focus on the story before the end of Dragon Ball Z era, and not only that, the story is also going to feature Kai and Goku as children, after a demon uses its powers. To get their bodies back, they need to find the demon and hunt it down.

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Dragon Ball Magic Episodes & Other Updates

As per the rumors, the Dragon Ball Magic is going to contain a total of about 14-15 episodes, and the episodes are going to be between 30 and 40 minutes, and for this reason, the Dragon Ball Magic Episodes are not going to be available on Fuji TV.