Fernando Villavicencio Assassinated During Election Rally – Ecuador Presidential Candidate Shot Dead

In the latest news reports, it has been mentioned that Fernando Villavicencio, an Ecuador Presidential Candidate has been shot to death in a rally which had been organized on 09th August 2023. This political rally had been organized by the party which had in support of Fernando, also called the ‘Movimiento Construye’ on Wednesday, 09th August 2023. It has been reported that the attack on Fernando had been made during the political campaign rally, which had been organized for Fernando Villavicencio in Quito.

As per the reports, the presidential campaign for Fernando had been taking pace in the recent weeks, and as it has been reported, the presidential rally for Fernando had been organized in the northern region of Quito, the capital metropolitan area also called as San Francisco de Quito. Fernando had also been an Ecuadorian politician, journalist and a trade unionist. He has been known to be a popular presidential candidate in the 2023 General Elections of the Republic of Ecuador, as it has been stated.

Fernando Villavicencio Shot Dead During Quito Rally

Fernando had also been a former member of the Ecuador’s National Assembly, in the years starting from 2021 and until the assembly had been dissolved by the former president, Lasso, on 17th May 2023. Before his political career had taken off, Fernando had also worked as a journalist in his early years. He had lost in the 2017 elections in Ecuador when he had announced for his candidacy in the parliament.

In the 2013-14 Assembly Session, Fernando had been an assistant to the politician Cléver Jiménez, and in the session, they both had come forward to accuse the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa of various charges, such as ordering an incursion during a police revolt at a hospital in 2010. This had led to various legal charges including the likes of libel against the 2023 Presidential Candidate, Fernando Villavicencio. To add to this, there had also been a prison sentence for 18 months which had been a result of the charges.

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Fernando Villavicencio Bio & Career Overview

NameFernando Villavicencio
Born11th October 1963
BirthplaceAlausi, Ecuador
Death09th August 2023
OccupationPolitician & Journalist
Death ByAssassination
PartyMovimiento Construye
EducationCooperative University of Colombia
Known ForLeaking Secret Documents to WikiLeaks
PartnerVerónica Sarauz
Journalist  El Universo
2023 ElectionsCampaigned as a Presidential Candidate

Fernando Villavicencio Early Life, Age & Family

Fernando, born as Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia, as mentioned in the birthdate 11th October 1963, was an Ecuadorian political member of the assembly until its dissolution. He has spent his early childhood years growing up in the Chimborazo province in Ecuador. In the canton of Alausi, Fernando had spent most of his time being raised up by his family. He had also enrolled in the Cooperative University of Columbia where he had been a student.

During his college education, Fernando had also studied the subjects and theories of journalism & communication. In his personal life, he had been married to his wife, Verónica Sarauz. As per the reports, they had met with each other while they had been working for the National Assembly of Ecuador. It has also been stated that the couple has five children as part of their family. In his early days, Fernando had also opened one of his first businesses of a pizzeria with the help of his brother.

Fernando Villavicencio Shot Dead

Fernando Villavicencio Career Beginnings & Journalism

After his college had ended, in 1995, Fernando had become one of the primary founders of the Pachakutik Party. Following this, he had also joined the national oil company, called Petroecuador in the year 1996. He had joined the company in the position of a social communicator before he had become a trade unionist for the same in the later years, until 1999. Later, he had been fired by the Jamil Mahuad’s government from the same.

This had been followed by his journalism career which had started with one of the popular newspapers in Ecuador, titled as El Universo. During his stint at El Universo in the city of Guayaquil, his investigative career as a journalist had been criticized by many. In late 2015, there had been reports which mentioned that Cynthia Viteri and Fernando had leaked secret documents about the government’s surveillance program. It had been revealed that the program has been targeted at the political enemies and journalists of Ecuador.

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Fernando Villavicencio Asylum & Latest News

Fernando had accused the former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa with Cléver Jiménez of ordering armed incursion during the police revolt of 2010. As a result, he had been sued and the legal charges had also resulted in prison sentence for about 18 months. This had led to an arrest warrant after he had returned from the US as he had hoped for help. He had decided to stay hidden in the Amazon region for the time until the sentence had been over. In 2017, he had also ran for parliamentary candidacy in the general election but lost.

After his election defeat, he had been arrested due to the multiple espionage and insult charges from the Correa criticism. To avoid this, he had fled to Peru for asylum, during which all charges against him had been dismissed. After the 2023 Ecuador Assembly Dissolution, he had announced that he will be running for the position of Ecuadorian President. During his campaign rally on 09th August 2023, Fernando had been fatally shot while he had been entering his vehicle in the northern Quito.

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Fernando Villavicencio Death & Reason

At the time of his death, Fernando had been 59 years old, and as per the reports, his death has occurred when there are lesser than 2 weeks left before the elections. It has been reported that the shooting has occurred after he had reported an unnamed oil business in the country to the Justice Ministry, as it has been stated. There had been numerous death threats which had been sent to Villavicencio from gangs including the Sinaloa Cartel Gang. Fernando’s death has also made the other candidates suggest measures to counter the increasing gang violence in Ecuador.