Grimes Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Relationship, Songs, Earnings

Grimes, who has been known to be a professional singer and songwriter from Canada, was born on 17th March 1988. She has been famous for her extension of the music which has come from genres such as “lo-fi R&B”. As a record producer, she has also been popular for her songs which have futuristic pop music for listeners who want to dance. Her most popular work came after she had started to take influence in her lyrics and music from electronic pop, hip hop, and heavy rock music.

It has been mentioned in various reviews that Grimes’ music and songs have been known to include lyrics that are based heavily on the themes of science fiction and feminism. With her 5 albums, which have been released in recent years, it has now been reported that she has started gearing up for her upcoming projects. It has been noted that Grimes’ music had been made available to the general public by her independent releases during her early days. This started to take place after she had decided to move to Montreal in the year 2006 from Vancouver.

Grimes Net Worth 2024

It has been stated that Grimes had started to write music and lyrics under this newly adopted name by the year 2007, as it has been shown by the timestamps of Grimes’ original MySpace. She also mentioned that she had chosen this name due to the reason that MySpace had only allowed the artists to choose any three genres at the time while creating their pages, and she had decided to choose ‘Grime Music’ as all three options. Her increased fan base has also been so huge because Grimes has taught herself music and art since her early years.

Grimes had been very positively reviewed for her first two albums, as a result, she had been signed with the record label 4AD in the year 2012. This had helped her music to reach a wider audience which had been outside her home country, Canada. Her third studio album, titled ‘Visions’, was released between February and March 2012 in countries all over the world. The album ‘Visions’ was listed by the British cultural website, NME, as a part of their ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time List’ in the year 2013.

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Grimes Bio & Earnings Overview

Born17th March 1988
OccupationMusician & Songwriter
Known ForVisual Art & Music
GenresPop, Bedroom Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Synth Pop, Dance, etc.
Labels4AD, Roc Nation, Arbutus, etc.
Voice Role InCyberpunk Game in 2007
AwardsBest Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, Harper’s Bazaar Musician for the Year Award, etc.
ListedGreatest Album of All Time List
FatherMaurice Boucher
MotherSandy Garossino
BrotherJay Worthy
SchoolLord Byng Secondary School
CollegeMcGill University
PartnerDevon Welsh (2007-2010), Elon Musk (until 2021)
Height5.5 ft
WeightOver 52 kg
Net WorthOver 3 million USD

Grimes Early Life, Age & Family

Grimes was born as Claire Elise Boucher, as mentioned in the birthdate 17th March 1988, in Canada. Her ancestry includes French Canadian, Ukrainian, Italian, and a half German, as it has been reported. As a child, she had been raised as a catholic by her family and parents. For this reason, she also attended a Catholic school for her elementary and secondary education. She later graduated from the Lord Byng Secondary School in the year 2006 after she had decided to move to a new city.

She spent most of her childhood years growing up in the city of Vancouver in West Canada, where she was raised by her parents namely, Sandy Garossino (her mother), who had worked as a Crown prosecutor, while, Maurice Boucher (her father) had been working in the business of the biotech industry, as a banker, as it has been mentioned. She attended McGill University where she had chosen to study Neuroscience and the Russian language, but she had decided to drop out in early 2011.

Grimes Net Worth – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Relationship, Songs, Earnings

Grimes Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Grimes was able to put her first music album out in the year 2010, with the album title “Geidi Primes”, which was followed by the second album titled “Halifax” the same year. Her third album, ‘Visions’, which was titled “Electronic Album of the Year” Award also resulted in the nomination of Grimes as the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” title. After the album had been a success in the US and Canada, she had then decided to sign with Columbia Records for her upcoming projects.

She had also been listed on the cover of Vogue Plus China, when in August 2022, she completed an interview to discuss her upcoming songs with her fellow artist, Weeknd. It has also been stated by her that fans worldwide are allowed to use her voice in AI-generated songs anywhere, as she has supported the idea of “Killing Copyright”. Various critics have noted that her music has been a part of multiple genres including the likes of bedroom pop, art pop, indie pop, dance, electronic, dream pop, witch house, rock, etc.

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Grimes Latest News & Relationships

In the latest news reports, it has been revealed that Grimes has come out with an AI model of her voice in recent weeks. It has also been added that the reason behind this is to allow her fans and other artists to use her voice in their songs which are generated using Artificial Intelligence. To add to this, it has also been reported that she also has an AI bot which has been based on her persona online on Twitter, but it has still not fully developed.

Grimes had been dating the Canadian musician, who had also been a part of the group, Majical Cloudz, namely, Devon Welsh. They had dated each other between the years from 2007 and until the relationship had ended in 2010. She had also been in a relationship with Elon Musk, and together they had a son, who was born in 2020 and a daughter in the year 2021. In the following year, Grimes had announced on her social media that they had broken up in 2022, in an interview.

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