Hellbound Season 2 Release Date – Episodes, Plot, Story and Cast

The latest update for the fans who have always had the craze for K-drama space, especially after the arrival of various OTT platforms has now arrived. This update is related to the popular South Korean Drama, which has gained a huge fan following in the recent months, also called as Hellbound. This means the big confusion which has been clouding all the fans and their expectations is now finally going to come to an end. This update has also come at a time when there are various shows which have been cancelled or delayed for the Netflix viewers.

Due to this, there had been a big confusion about the show’s renewal status as it had not been confirmed whether the show is going to return or not. But thankfully, for the fans of Hellbound, this is not going to be the case! This is because the show has been finally selected for a renewal to continue its story with a second season, as the response from the audience which was received after the premiere of its pilot had been huge. This update has also come as a big surprise to all, as there was a long wait which was expected for the season 2 updates before they were released.

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

As the Netflix K-drama, Hellbound, had been getting popular in the months after the ending of its first season, the demand for the fans for another season has been on an increase. The show had captivated the audience all over the world with its premiere in November 2021, and as a result, the show had been in a huge demand for another season. This clamor in the audience for a second season of Hellbound had led to the streamer being ready for the show’s renewal finally.

As of September 2023, the good news which has been the focus of many is that the show has been selected for a renewal. This means the official Hellbound Season 2 is now greenlit and the fans do not need to worry about the show’s renewal confirmation. Although, this news confirms that the Hellbound Season 2 is going to be released in the future but it has still not been detailed what the exact Hellbound Season 2 Release Date is going to be. All the other related information including the likes of Hellbound Season 2 Cast, Hellbound Season 2 Story, Hellbound Season 2 Production Status, etc. are also going to be revealed later in other updates by the streamer and the production teams.

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Hellbound Seasons & Episodes Overview

TV ShowHellbound
GenreDark Fantasy, Horror
Upcoming SeasonSeason 2
Directed ByYeon Sang Ho
Based OnHellbound Webtoon
AuthorYeon Sang Ho
CountrySouth Korea
DebutNovember 2021
Season 2 Release DateTBA
Total Episodes6
Runtime40-58 minutes

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date & Story

Are you one of the fans of the popular and critically acclaimed Korean horror drama series, Hellbound, looking for the latest information about its next season’s release? If yes, then no need to worry as we have taken a look at all the information about the official Hellbound Season 2 Release Date and have shared with you in this article. As per the demand for the huge interest of the audience, it was in the month of September 2022, when the streamer had made it official that the show Hellbound has been selected to return with a second installment in future.

In the series, the story has been about the years between 2022 and 2027 set in South Korea (in future). In these years, an angel from the other world has been materializing in a way that it starts to send out prophecies (which are called as decrees in the show), aimed at individuals who are going to be condemned to hell at a given time as mentioned in the decree. As per the mentioned time of the future, all the individuals are met by 3 supernatural monstrous creatures who come to incinerate and maul that person’s body by using a show of force, known as demonstration.

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date & Plot

The South Korean horror original streaming Netflix TV series, Hellbound, is a dark fantasy series which has been developed and directed by Yeon Sang Ho. This series has been the biggest adaptation of the webtoon, also named as Hellbound, which had been authored by Yeon Sang Ho. When the series had premiered on Netflix in 2021, just after a day of its release the series had become “Most Watched Series on Netflix”. It had been reported that after the success of its first season, the Hellbound Season 2 was going to be released after the next installment of the webtoon was completed.

But by September 2022, the streamer had teased in the annual TUDUM event, that the show has been renewed for a second season. This was a huge relief but it did not tell about the official Hellbound Season 2 Production Status for the large viewership which was in the waitlist. In the first week of August 2023, it has now finally been revealed that the show has started with its official filming and it is now expected that the official Hellbound Season 2 Release Date is going to be somewhere around late 2024. In the second season, it is expected that Jung Jinsu’s character is going to be explored more and there will be multiple intense confrontations added to thought provoking storyline.

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Hellbound Season 2 Cast & Other Updates

As the first season took more than six months to come out with its final release, the Hellbound Season 2 is going to be ready for its release by late 2024 only.

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There is a list of expected cast members for Hellbound Season 2 including: Kim Sung Cheol (who has replaced Yoo Ah In to play Jung Jinsu), Kim Hyn Joo, Kim Shin Rok, Lee Dong Hee, Yang Ik Joon, Jo Dong In, etc.