Hunter Biden Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Hunter Biden, who has been known to be a son of the US President Joe Biden, was born on 04th February 1970. Hunter has been famous for his multiple roles including the likes of attorney, a businessman and a prolific artist. In his past, he had also worked with a hedge fund, private equity investor, venture capital, etc. Hunter has also worked as a lobbyist, a professional banker, an official in the public administration under the former presidency and as a registered lobbyist attorney for a firm.

In the recent reports, it had been mentioned that in a recent hearing, the second son of the currently sitting US President, Joe Biden had arrived at a court. It had also been added to the reports that the reason for which Hunter had arrived at the court, has been stated to plead guilty to the tax evasion related federal crimes. This hearing had also been seen as a way to make the case come to a halt, but, as it has turned out, it has not been ended yet. The investigations are going to continue into his actions before it gets ready finally for the verdict.

Hunter Biden Net Worth 2024

Hunter has been a board member of the founding committee of the private investment fund, known as, the BHR Partners. The company has been a Chinese Investment Company which has been active since it had been founded in 2013. He has also been on the board as a member for one of the biggest private natural gas supplier and producer in Ukraine, called as Burisma Holdings, between the years starting from 2014 until the conclusion of his term in 2019. The father son duo had been in the news reports since the start of 2019, as there have been multiple accusations on them about corruption in their activities.

In the mentioned accusations, it has been said that Hunter’s business dealings must be scrutinized for his connections outside the US. Also, there have been various reports which have come out recently about the federal investigation which has been ongoing by agencies into Biden’s business activities, since 2018. The investigation has been mainly into the tax affairs of Hunter’s various businesses activities. On 20th June 2023, Hunter had also come into an agreement to plead guilty to charges of misdemeanor. These 2 misdemeanor charges had involved his late tax filings.

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Hunter Biden Bio & Earnings Overview

NameHunter Biden
Born04th February 1970
BirthplaceDelaware, US
OccupationLawyer, Investor, Banker
MemoirBeautiful Things (2021)
Known ForCo-Founding BHR Partners
FatherJoe Biden
MotherNeilia Biden (dead)
SisterNaomi (dead)
PartnerMelissa Cohen
High SchoolCatholic Archmere Academy
CollegeGeorgetown University
Law SchoolYale University
Companies FoundedOldaker, Biden & Belair, Seneca Global Advisory, Rosemont Seneca Partners
Height6 ft
WeightOver 65 kg
Net WorthOver 20 million USD

Hunter Biden Early Life, Age & Family

Hunter had born as Robert Hunter Biden, as mentioned on his birthdate, 04th February 1970. He has spent most of his early childhood growing up in his birthplace, the largest city in the state of Delaware, called Wilmington. He had born as the second son to his parents, namely, Joe Biden (his father), who is also a politician and Neilia Biden (his mother), who had worked as a teacher. It has been stated that in an accident in the year 1972, Hunter’s mother and his younger sister, namely, Naomi, had been killed instantly. Hunter with his elder brother Beau had also been seriously fractured.

Following the incident, after their father had remarried to their stepmother, Jacobs, their half sister Ashley had born. Hunter had also attended the same school as his father, popularly known as the Catholic High School Archmere Academy, in Delaware. In his years of college education, Hunter had gone to study History in the Georgetown University, where he had graduated with a BA degree in 1992. After this, he had attended the Georgetown University Law School & Center, but had transferred to the Yale Law School after only a year, completing his graduation in Law by 1966.

Hunter Biden Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Hunter Biden Career Beginnings & Later Years

After his graduation from Yale in 1996, Hunter had accepted the company, MBNA’s offer to become a consultant with them. This hiring had also been seen very controversial by everyone as Joe, his father, had supported the credit card legislative rules back then. After serving as the executive VP at the company, he left MBNA in 1998. He had then moved to the US Department of Commerce, where he played a key role in the ecommerce policy, during the presidency tenure of Bill Clinton. This had allowed Hunter to be a lobbyist attorney in the firm co founded by him, known as Oldaker, Biden & Belair.

By 2006, he had purchased the international hedge fund company, called as the Paradigm Global Advisors with one of his uncles, namely, James Biden. He had been the part of the company’s board as the interim CEO for the fund till 2011. He had later announced the launching of the consulting firm, also known as, the Seneca Global Advisors, which had offered help mainly to companies which had wanted to expand into foreign national markets. Later in 2009, this had been followed by him with the co-founding of the investment company, called Rosemont Seneca Partners.

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Hunter Biden Latest News & Investigations

It had been reported in the year 2020 by Hunter that his business activities have been under the federal investigation for tax reports and filings. This investigation had been related to the possible breaking of laws related to the tax filings, money laundering and business activities in foreign countries. It had also been added to the reports that after a lack of evidence had been found for breaking money laundering laws by Hunter, the investigation had entered the issues of tax filings and reporting.

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It has now been stated that Hunter had failed to pay the amount between a 1.1 million USD and 1.5 million USD, as part of the federal taxations before the end of accepted deadlines. This had proceeded to Hunter pleading guilty to two charges of tax misdemeanors, with the deal being that prosecutors will agree to recommend the probationary sentence. However, in the recent hearing, it had been revealed that the agreement had been on the verge of completely collapsing as the judge in the hearing has refused to accept the plea deal for now.