LoL Worlds 2024 – Schedule, Teams, Where to Stream, Results and more

There has been a rise all over the world in the total number of gamers who have been in love with the various types of games online. This has been seen in recent months, as there have been new games that have become popular after being released in the year 2024, and these online games have also gained a lot of attention for their unique titles and battles. This news is important for the gamers, and not only that, it includes gamers from all the countries with both English and non-English language-speaking teams.

This increase in the popularity of games online has been seen mainly with the games that are available for them to be played in multiplayer modes. This is because, in many of these games, the competition for the prize begins after the teams are announced and selected. This is to say that most of these games are only enjoyed when there are two or more teams are involved in the competition. This has resulted in a good number of battlefield gamers who are now coming forward, as the number of games in the category of strategy battle arenas have also been increasing.

LoL Worlds 2024 – League of Legends

All the gamers who have been following the rise of this online gaming industry in recent years are informed here that they are in for a big surprise. This is because there has been a huge increment in the number of games, in which gamers are allowed to form teams and compete with other teams in the multiplayer mode to be the champion of these online games. The list of these games has been growing every year, and in October 2024, we are also seeing another name getting added to this list. There have been many titles that have come to be popular with these team strategy online game battles, and as of now, the hottest name that has been added to the list is the LoL Worlds 2024.

This name is now making rounds on social media and online news, as recent reports have mentioned that the 2024 League of Legends World Championship has now started. The LoL Worlds 2024 Championship is an esports tournament that is ongoing for gamers around the world, as they now come together as different teams to compete in the multiplayer mode of the battle arena for the title League of Legends. This year in 2024, the LoL World 2024 Tournament started in South Korea on 10th October 2024 inviting all the teams from all over the world till the end of the competition in November 2024.

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LoL Worlds 2024 Championship Overview

Name of SportLeague of Legends
TournamentGODS performed by a South Korean Girl Group called NewJeans
Type of TournamentOnline Esports Tournament
Tournament LocationSouth Korea
Tournament DatesOctober 2024
Tournament HostRiot Games
Tournament Teams22 (At the Start)
Tournament Theme SongGODS performed by a South Korean Girl Group called NewJeans
Tournament ModeMultiplayer Mode
Sport TypeOnline Battle Arena
IterationGODS performed by a South Korean Girl Group called NewJeans
Game DeveloperRiot Games

LoL Worlds 2024 Esports Championship

The good news for the gamers is finally here, and it is that the 2024 LoL Worlds Championship has now started. It is mentioned that the LoL Worlds 2024 is the biggest esports championship event this year. It must be noted that the LoL Worlds 2024 is going to be the 13th iteration of the League of Legends Worlds Esports Championship, and this is an international gaming competition organized every year by the developer of the League of Legends, also known as Riot Games. The theme song of the LoL Championship 2024 is going to be “Gods” by New Jeans.

There have been various teams who have become a part of the League of Legends Championship 2024, after the esports tournament kicked off in South Korea on 10th October 2024, and the event is now going to continue till November 2024. For the 13th League of Legends World Championship, there have been a total of 22 teams which have been selected for the competition from a total of 9 regions. This selection has been made based on the placement of these teams in their regions including China, North America, Europe, South Korea, Macau/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Southeast Asia, and Vietnam. It must be noted that out of these, only 8 teams will be able to reach the main competition event through a play-in.

LoL Worlds Championship 2024 Schedule

Every year, the team that is the winner at the end of the year’s season of the LoL Worlds Tournament wins the champion prize of the 32-kilogram trophy, also known as the Summoner’s Cup and multimillion dollars. For the year 2024, the LoL Worlds Tournament 2024 is going on in the Seoul and Busan cities of South Korea. Not only that, the 2024 LoL Worlds Championship is also going to see the Swiss System Tournament system, which is a non-eliminating type of tournament.

The LoL Worlds 2024 Qualification Series is now over, and Team BDS was the last team to qualify before the Play-In began for the LoL Worlds 2024 Championship. The League of Legends Worlds 2024 Tournament began later because of the LoL Esports Pro Players who are competing in Hangzhou in China. For the 2024 League of Legends Worlds Tournament, the locations and dates are shown below:

Play InOctober 2024LoL Park in Seoul
Group StageOctober 2024KBS Arena in Seoul
Quarter FinalsNovember 2024Sajik Indoor Gym in Busan
Semi-FinalsNovember 2024Sajik Indoor Gym in Busan
FinalsNovember 2024Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul
LoL Worlds 2024 – Schedule, Teams, Where to Stream, Results and more

LoL Worlds 2024 Tournament Teams

After the qualifying series for the 2024 Worlds Championship, there are:

Play In (10th Oct – 15th Oct):

Round 1:

The teams are split into two groups of double elimination type play, which results in the top 2 teams from each group going to round 2.

Round 2:

The winners from here will go to the advanced Swiss Stage.

Swiss Stage (19th Oct – 29th Oct):

Here, 16 teams are going to compete in the Swiss Stage of 5 rounds. This starts with the first stage where the pairing of teams is done. In this stage, the pairing is done on a random basis for the LoL teams, and the opponents in a pair are made sure to come from different regions.

This is going to be followed by the LoL Championship Teams 2024 which are going to be advanced to the playoffs. But before that, it must be noted that the teams that win 3 matches are going to go to the November LoL Worlds 2024 Playoffs, and at the same time, the teams that lose 3 matches are finally going to be eliminated.

Playoffs (02nd Nov – 19th Nov):

Here, 8 teams are going to compete within a single-elimination category.

SWISS STAGE 2024 Teams:

TeamRegionName of the Players
BLOGLCKDoran, Chovy, Peanut, Peyz, Delight
T1LCKFaker, Oner, Zeus, Keria, Gumayusi
KT RolsterLCKCuzz, Kiin, Bdd, Lehennds, Aiming
DplusLCKCanna, Showmaker, Deft, Canyon, Kellin
JDGLPLKanavi, 369, Knight, Missing, Ruler
Canna, Shoemaker, Deft, Canyon, KellinLPLYagao, On, Elk, XUN, Bin
LNGLPLTarzan, GALA, Scout, Hang, Zika
WeiboLPLTheshy, Weiwei, Crisp, Light, Xiaohu
Cloud9LCSFudge, EMENES, Zven, Blaber, Berserker
NRGLCSContractz, Dhokla, FBI, Palafox, IgNar
Liquid TeamLCSPyosik, Yeon, APA, CoreJJ, Summit
Mad LionsLECElyoya, Carzzy, Hylissang, Nisqy, Chasy
G2 EsportLECYike, Broken Blade, Caps, Mikyx, Hans Sama
FnaticLECWunder, Humanoid, Trymbi, Noah, Razork

PLAY IN 2024 Teams:

TeamRegionPlayer Names
BDSLECNuc, Sheo, Adam, Crownie, Labrov
PSG TalonPCSWoody, Wako, JunJia, Maple, Azhi
CTBCPCSGemini, JimieN, Rest, ShiauC, Shunn
GAMVCSLevi, Kati, Kiaya, Palette, Slayder, Zin
WhalesVCSGlory, Sparda, Bean J, Artemis, Bie
LOUDCBLOLCroc, Robo, Route, Ceos, Tinowns
DFMLJLSteal, Yutapon, Aria, Harp, Milan
Rainbow 7LLAOddie, Mireu, Lyonz, Ceo, Bong

League of Legends Tournament 2024 Results

Play In Round 1:

Day 1 (October 2024):

Group A Round 1Rainbow7 VS PSG TalonPSG Talon

Day 2 (October 2024):

Group B Round 1DFM VS CTBC Flying OysterCTBC Flying Oyster
Group B Round 1Team BDS VS WhalesWhales

Day 3 (October 2024):

Group A WinnersPSG Talon VS LOUDTBA
Group B WinnersCTBC Flying Oyster VS WhalesTBA

Day 4 (October 2024):

Group A Lost  Rainbow7 VS GAMTBA
Group B LostDFM  VS Team BDSTBA

Day 5 (October 2024):

Group A Decider  TBATBA
Group B Decider  TBATBA

Play In Round 2:


Where to Stream LoL Worlds 2024 Championship

All the viewers can log on to the official Twitch channel of Riot Games, and the previous matches are also available on the LoL Esports Tournament YouTube channel. To add to that, Marc Lamont, Yiliang Peng, Ibai, Kamento, etc. are some of the streamers who are approved for the LoL Worlds 2024 Streaming. Other co-streamers who are also available for the official 2024 LoL Worlds Tournament are mentioned in the list which follows at the end.  

It must be noted that the official LoL esports website has mentioned that this is not the final list for the co-streamers of LoL Worlds 2024, or the League of Legends Championship 2024, and it is also reported that many new creators are expected to join the list after the initial start of the LoL Worlds 2024 Tournament. The additional lineup for the LoL Worlds 2024 Co-Streaming is mentioned below:

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Elite Season 7 Release Date

North American Co-Streamers (English):

The names from the North American Streamers include imLS, IWDominate, Sneaky, Meteos, Doublelift, and Sapnap for now.

Latin American Co-Streamers for LoL Worlds 2024 (Spanish):

The names of the co-streamers from Latin America include Barbakahn, Nickdaboom, Jim Rising, Lastpick, Necko, etc.

Brazilian Co-Streamers for LoL Worlds 2024 (Portuguese):

The names of the Brazilian Streamers approved for the League of Legends Worlds 2024 Championship are Baiano, Revolta, Yoda, Absolut, Jukes, Sabrinoca, Ericat, etc.

EMEA Co-Streamers in the 2024 LoL Worlds Championship:

The names of EMEA English streamers are Caedrel and Broxah. At the same time, the EMEA Spanish Worlds 2024 Streamer is Ibai, and the LoL Worlds 2024 Italian Streamers are Paoloidolo and Terenas. For the French language, the EMEA French LoL Worlds 2024 Streaming is done by Kamet0, and the EMEA German LoL Worlds 2024 Tournament is Tolkin.

The EMEA Turkish LoL Worlds 2024 Streamers are Naru and LynxCerez. The EMEA Polish Language LoL Worlds 2024 Streamers are Delord and Nervarien. The Czech LoL Worlds 2024 Tournament Streamers are Freeze and Xnapy, and the Arabic LoL Worlds 2024 Streamers are Snow and Dattura.

Korean Co-Streamers in 2024:

The names who will do the Korean LoL Worlds 2024 Streaming are Kim Min Gyo, Wolf, Lee Sang Ho, Hello Suya, and A-DDeung.

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APAC Co-Streamers 2024:

LoL Worlds 2024 Streamers

From Indonesia – Kurohiko

From Philippines – Maggiekarp

From Vietnam – Optimus, Hoang Luan, SofM

From Thailand – Lloyd Style

From Taiwan – RB

Japanese Co-Streamers 2024:

The names for LoL Worlds 2024 Championship Streamers are K4Sen, Takaya Special, and Raizin.

Chinese Co-Streamers in 2024:

The names for the Chinese LoL Worlds 2024 Championship Streamers are Mage, DYS, Uzi, Zz1tai, Doinb, and Zoom.