Mahua Moitra Biography – Career, Age, Height, Early Life and Controversy

Mahua Moitra, who has been a prominent investment banker and now active as a politician, was born on 12th October 1974. As mentioned, she started as an investment banker in her early professional life after her education had completed, but this had taken a turn with the politics, and now she is one of the most talked about Indian politicians these days. This is because there has been a lot of controversies, in which the name of Mahua Moitra has been a big part for every news.

In the latest reports about Mahua, it has been mentioned that there was a verbal spat which created a big news on every media platform, and not only that, this verbal spat included Mahua Moitra and another politician from BJP, namely Nishkant Dubey. This is important as both of these Indian politicians have been the MPs of their political parties, which are namely the Bhartiya Janta Party, or as it is known popularly in the media as, BJP (Nishikant Dubey as the BJP MP). At the same time, the name of the political party from which Mahua Moitra comes from is the All India Trinamool Congress, or as it has come to be known everywhere as, the AITC.

Mahua Moitra Biography 2023

Mahua Moitra, who has been in the news for the past week, started her professional life with the job of an investment banker in her early days. This was followed by the political career, and now as it is seen, that her political comments have started to make rounds on social media in the recent weeks. For this reason, the recent verbal spat which included both Mahua and Nishikant Dubey has been the biggest update in political news so far. Mahua was born on 12th October 1974 in the Cachar District, one of the administrative districts in Assam.

After entering the Indian politics in 2009, Mahua had started with the Indian National Congress party, in which she was noted for her work as one of the best and trusted hands of Rahul Gandhi. This was at the time when she was directly working as part of the youth wing of the INC (or Indian National Congress), which is also called as the India Youth Congress, and the INC project for which she was popular was called as “Aam Admi ka Sipahi”. In the latest reports, it is now mentioned that the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee is going to have its first committee meeting on 26th October 2023 morning, and this will be for the recent allegations of bribery made by Nishikant Dubey against the AITC MP Mahua Moitraaa.

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Mahua Moitra Biography Overview

NameMahua Moitra
DOB12th October 1974
BirthplaceCachar in Assam
ProfessionInvestment Banker, Politician
PartyAll India (AITC) Trinamool Congress
CollegeMount Holyoke College
Father’s NameDwipendra Lal Moitra
Political Career2009-Present (MP from Krishnanagar, WB)

Mahua Moitra Early Life, Age & Family

Mahua Moitra, as mentioned with the birthdate on 12th October 1974, was born in Labac (a region in the Cachar administrative district) in Assam. She was born in a family which is a Bengali Hindu family, and her family’s caste also makes her a Bengali Hindu Brahmin. She was born in Assam, but she has spent most of her early years in Kolkata with her family including a sister. It must be noted that her early schooling had also been completed in Kolkata, and her father’s name is Dwipendra Lal Moitra.

As a college student, she was enrolled for the courses of Mathematics and Economics in the Mount Holyoke College, which is a private college for women in liberal arts. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts (in the US) in 1998, she had started her career. It is known that she was also an investment banker in one of the biggest banks of the world, also known by everyone as, JP Morgan Chase. During this time as a banker in JP Morgan Chase, she had worked with her teams in London and the city of New York.

Mahua Moitra Biography

Mahua Moitra Career Beginnings & Change

Mahua had graduated from the South Haley’s famous Mount Holyoke College after studying Economics with Mathematics, and after her graduation in 1998, she had opted to be an investment banker in the US. She had completed a lot of time in the bank of JP Morgan & Chase, before she took the decision to quit her job at the bank and make an entry into the Indian politics. Mahua was the banking vice president at JP Morgan Chase when she decided to quit her job in London, and this decision marked her exit from the banking in 2009.

As a result, she joined the Indian Youth Congress wing (a youth wing of the Congress Party), and she was noted for her work during the project “Aam Admi Ka Sipahi”. In 2010, she had made a shift to join the All India Trinamool Congress Political Party in West Bengal. After this, she became a member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, when she was elected from the constituency of Karimpur in the West Bengal district of Nadia. Following this, she was also elected as the MP to the 17th Lok Sabha from the West Bengal Lok Sabha Constituency of Krishnanagar.

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Mahua Moitra Controversy & Latest News

On 14th October 2023, a complaint was sent to the CBI with an FIR by a Supreme Court Advocate, named Jai Anant Dehadrai who has alleged that Mahua has been a part of money laundering and corruption. In the complaint, it is also mentioned that Darshan Hiranandani, the head of Hiranandani Group has paid Moitra for asking questions in the parliament which are targeted at the Adani Group.

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In a recent update, on 19th October 2023, it was also reported that Moitra had given her account to be accessed by him on the website of Indian Parliament. For this reason, the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee has scheduled its first meeting to check the allegations on 26th October 2023, and the case is known as “cash-for-query” row. In the meeting, both Jai Anant and Nishikant will be giving their statements for the row.