10th Simple Tricks that Make Your Phone Not Reachable, Easily Lets You Avoid Unwanted Calls

For all of us, there have been many days when picking up a call has been something we all have tried to avoid, no matter who the calls have been coming from, whether it be our family or friends. To add on top of that, there have also been many callers which are not connected to our professional and personal life. These callers include many sales executives who have been desperately trying to sell their credit cards, coupon codes, etc. All of this makes us look for ways which can allow us to make our phones not reachable and avoid unwanted call.

There are many tricks which have been available for some time to help people make their phones unreachable and at the same time also help them to avoid getting into unwanted calls. There have been many cases where these tricks have been useful to avoid unwanted calls without creating any doubts about the user doing it on purpose. Some of these tricks have been collected and mentioned below for all the mobile users of 2023:

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  • Using the Airplane or Flight Mode: When the user has decided that they do not want to be available to take the calls, the first option that comes to mind is to turn the device off completely. But this method has not been very useful because it helps to avoid a call but it gives the caller a doubt that the user has turned the phone off to avoid their calls on purpose. To avoid this, instead the user can choose the option for turning on the Flight Mode, or the Airplane Mode on their device when the incoming calls are not desired and to avoid unwanted calls.
10th Simple Tricks that Make Your Phone Not Reachable
  • Changing the User’s Mobile Network: After airplane mode, another option to choose when the user has decided to not take any unwanted calls, is to change the mobile network to another network which is not known to the caller.
    • This has to be done by choosing the menu for system settings.
    • Then scroll the options list until the option to find the mobile and network settings is shown.
    • Click on it.
    • Select the option of ‘Manual Selection’.
    • This will be followed by choosing a network which is different from the user’s current network.
    • This will allow the user to make the device unreachable and it will also help in avoiding the unwanted calls.
  • Changing the User’s Network Mode: This trick has been one of the reliable tricks as it affects the default setting of a phone, which results in making the user device turn unreachable at the same moment. It must be stated that by default every phone has to select the best available network and choose the strongest network automatically. But this can be changed by changing the selection of the network manually. The user has to select a network which is not available and then the trick will work.
    • To enable this, the user has to go to network settings on the phone.
    • Select ‘Manual’ when the option to choose a network manually occurs in the ‘Network Selection’ window.
    • Afterwards, the user has to disable the setting and choose the network that was working previously if they decide that the next incoming set of calls has to be taken.
  • Forward Call Method: This trick has been used by the users earlier and it makes the calls forward to another number, which is usually an expired number.
    • Find an expired number that needs to be used.
    • Go to the call settings in the menu.
    • Find the option of ‘Call Forwarding’.
    • Enter the expired number after choosing the option.
    • Click OK and exit.
  • SIM Card Removal: This trick allows the user to make their phone unreachable and also helps them avoid unwanted calls.
    • The user has to remove the SIM card first.
    • Switch off the phone.
    • Reinsert the SIM card.
    • Turn the phone on.
  • Third Party Application Use: This trick has to be completed by using various applications that can be downloaded from app stores such as the “Phone Signal Jammer”, “PilferShush Jammer”, etc. These applications offer different functions on every device and version, so they have to be tested by the user first and then it can be tested individually.
  • Battery Removal Out of Phone: This trick works when the user takes the battery out from the phone without turning it off first. This is one of the easiest tricks to make your phone not reachable and avoid unwanted call. This has to be done by keeping in mind that the phone is not switched off before taking out the battery first. Doing so will also turn the mobile phone off later automatically.

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  • Call Barring Method: This trick is going to be available in the phone’s operator settings. It allows a user to restrict and bar incoming/ outgoing calls based on personal preferences. When it is turned on, the caller is going to get an automated message which states that the user has either turned off their phone or it is unreachable. This also helps as when a caller tries to contact, the user is notified by an operator message, which gives details about the caller who attempted to call.
  • Network Preference Change Method: This trick has recently been getting popularity and it works after the user has changed their network option changing preference from 4G & 5G to 2G & 3G. This trick only works for those mobile networks which have been identified to operate only on 4G network alone, such as the Jio network.
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  • Aluminum Foil Wrap Method: The latest DIY which has been made public to make your phone not available and avoid unwanted call includes wrapping your phone. This has to be completed by wrapping the user phone in Aluminum foil completely. This will disturb the mobile connection quality and the caller will hear “This number is out of the network coverage area, please try later” message when they try to contact.