Chris Evans Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Movies

Chris Robert Evans, who was born on 13th June 1981 in the US, is a professional American actor who has starred in many famous Marvel movies in recent years. Chris has been in the recent news reports because of an unusual decision that involved him in deciding that he is going to step away from all of his social media accounts for a while. The ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ actor had decided to decide on his personal choice so he could take a break.

Chris has been known to begin his acting career in the early days on TV itself. This led him to gain more popularity when he joined to be a part of various famous TV series such as the ‘Opposite Sex’ in the year 2000. This was one of his first TV shows and these roles had fetched him the opportunity to become selected for the roles in teen movies that had followed in the early 2000s. After teen movies, Chris started to appear in various adaptations of comic books be it the graphics novels that were launched internationally.

Chris Evans Net Worth 2024

Chris Evans, who has recently been in various news articles, has decided to take a break from the social media life by deactivating his accounts for the same, as reported. It has also been mentioned in the reports that Chris had a big following on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, which he had decided to take a break from by closing them. He has not yet revealed to his fans about when he will return to the platforms but it has been suggested it is going to be revealed in an announcement.

Evans’ decision was stated in the news reports which had been released on 29th June 2023, when the fans were too eager to take the screenshots of his last tweet. It has been mentioned that the reason for Chris’ departure is rooted in his being and for this reason, he has not revealed the duration of his hiatus from the platforms. It must be shared that this is not the first time an actor has decided to take a hiatus from their online world. This list also included actors like Robert Pattinson, who have been a big part of ‘The Twilight’ series.

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Chris Evans Bio & Earnings Overview

NameChris Evans
OccupationProfessional Actor
Birthday13th June 1981
BirthplaceBoston, US
EducationLincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
FamilyBob Evans (Father), Lisa Evans (Mother), Carly & Shanna (Sisters), Scott Evans (Brother)
Height6 ft
Weight86 kg
PartnerAlba Baptista (Currently Dating)
Net WorthOver 80 million USD
Known ForCaptain America Series (Marvel Studios)

Chris Evans Early Life, Age & Family

Chris was born Christopher Robert Evans on 13th June 1981 in the City of Boston, in the US. The town where his family resided was near Sudbury, a town which is located in Middlesex County in Massachusetts in the US. He was raised by his parents, and his mother Lisa is an artistic director who works at the Concord Youth Theater. While, it has been shared that Bob, his father is a dentist in the same county. It has been reported that Bob is of the Half Irish descent and his mother, Lisa is of the half Irish and Italian descent. In the year 1999, his parents had gotten divorced.

In his family, Chris also has two sisters and a brother, namely his sisters Carly and Shanna and his brother’s name is Scott Evans. Chris and his siblings were raised by his family as Catholics. Chris had attended acting camps as a child which had led to his interest in musical theatre. As a child, all the siblings would also perform in front of other family members and Chris has mentioned that being on stage always ‘felt like home’. Chris also has an uncle, Mike Capuano, who was also been a mayor in Somerville between the years starting from 1990 and 1999.

Chris Evans Net Worth – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Movies

Chris Evans Career & Breakthrough

It has been stated that Chris first appeared in a short educational documentary called ‘Biodiversity’. Following this, he moved to Los Angeles where he had a chance to meet a lot of other young actors, as he spent time living in the Oakwood Apartments. That same year, Chris was able to make his debut on screen by being a part of the TV film ‘The Newcomers’ in which he played the role of ‘Judd’. This was followed by one of his important lead roles which he played in the 2000 TV series ‘Opposite Sex’, which lasted for a long eight seasons.

In 2001, Chris was selected to play a role in ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ which showed him as a footballer. This film had collected a lot of negative reviews but it helped Chris to be in another lead role in his next movie ‘The Perfect Score’, a film about students who try to steal the answers to their SAT exams. His next film was co-starred with          Jason Statham and Kim Basinger and it was called ‘Cellular’. This film finally brought Chris to a positive review collection for his acting skills and choice of roles.

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Chris Evans’s Latest News & Movies

Chris had signed a deal with Marvel Studios in the year 2010 when he was chosen to play the lead character in the Marvel Comics movie. He had to play the role of Steve Rogers, or as he is also known better in the movies, Captain America. It has been mentioned that Chris had turned down the part but after being in touch with Robert Downey Jr. for the same, he decided to change his decision. This film was successful worldwide and it collected over 370 million USD at the box office. His character had also been featured in ‘The Avengers’, which has been one of the ‘highest grossing films of all time’, as it collected over 1.5 billion worldwide at the box office.

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In the latest news, it has been reported that Chris has decided to take a break from his online world by turning away from his accounts on Instagram and Twitter. It has also been reported that his decision is related to the overexposure that some celebrities are not very fond of online. Chris, who is also dating Alba Baptista, has reported that this summer he will be taking a step back to relax, in his last tweet he said, after which he deleted the account. This was again posted by his fans who had taken screenshots at the same time.