Eric Gordon Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Weight, Stats, Earnings

Eric Gordon Jr., who was given the name “Mr. Basketball” by his school classmates, is an American basketball player who plays professionally in the National Basketball (NBA) League, or as it is known with great popularity, NBA in the US. Eric was born on 25th December 1988 in the capital city of the state of Indiana, Indianapolis. He has been known to have last played for the NBA team, Los Angeles Clippers or LA Clippers.

Eric had been widely considered as one of the top collegiate players for his games at the college level. In the recent news, it has been mentioned that the LA Clippers have now waived Gordon as a guard, in an attempt to save over 100 million dollars on the tax bill which has been recently projected by them. This means the Clippers have now decided that they will not be able to guarantee Gordon the 21 million USD contract, as reported. This is going to be on hold at least till Thursday, and this has been done so the team is now able to drop their tax bills by a big margin.

Eric Gordon Net Worth 2024

As per the recent reports, which have come out with updates about the LA Clippers, it has been reported that the Clippers are not going to guarantee Eric Gordon the 21 million USD contract and this will affect his second stint with the Clippers overall. The Western Conference basketball team has now elected that they will not fully guarantee him his 21 million USD salary for the season of 2023-24. The Clippers have now chosen to waive him and as a result, Eric’s stint after 22 games has now come to an end.

It must be noted that the LAC had decided to trade for Gordon at the point of deadline in the last year but now they have decided to save a hefty amount by waiving the guard during his second stint with them. This now means that Gordon is going to be one of the free agents for the offseason and is free to sign elsewhere during this time. Eric has been popularly considered to be one of the top picks during the recruitment season in the past and for the same reason, he has always received high attention from his fans worldwide.

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Eric Gordon Bio & Career Overview

NameEric Gordon
OccupationProfessional Basketball Player
Born25th December 1988
BirthplaceIndianapolis, US
PositionShooting Guard
Height6 ft 3 in.
WeightOver 98 kg
High SchoolNorth Central High School, Indiana
CollegeIndiana University
Draft Year2008
TeamsLA Clippers (2008-11), New Orleans Hornets (2011-16), Houston Rockets (2016-2023), Free Agent (2023-)
Net WorthOver 40 million USD

Eric Gordon Family & Education

Eric Gordon was born on 25th December 1988 in Indianapolis, Indiana. From the initial years, Gordon had been recognized for his basketball skills and performances during various games. For example, Eric started playing various sports at a nearby Jewish Community Center or JCC. Here he tried playing soccer first and then he kept on improving his interest in the game of basketball. This was continued when at age 7, Gordon had started playing basketball at a competitive level when he was continuously practicing and playing in the Municipal Gardens.

Eric attended Fox Hill Elementary School in the start, then he attended Northview Middle School followed by North Central High School in his senior year. During this time, Gordon had played varsity basketball for over 4 years continuously. In the 2007 game of North Central High School against Loyola Academy of Wilmette, he scored a record for scoring 43 points in the game. He had also been awarded with the McDonald’s ‘All American’ honor and he was named Indiana’s “Mr. Basketball” for the year of 2007. Eric had attended the Indiana University (IU) Bloomington, where he played as a shooting guard and had chosen the subject of his studies to be, Sports Management.

Eric Gordon Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Weight, Stats, Earnings

Eric Gordon Honors, Career & Net Worth

Eric Gordon had been the subject of a recruiting competition by Indiana University and the University of Illinois in 2006-07. This resulted in Gordon finally choosing Indiana University over the other where he started playing as a shooting guard. During his time as a Hoosiers shooting guard, he was also able to gain multiple honors and awards. These honors included the Big Ten Freshman of the Year, all-time Indiana University’s leading freshman scorer, nominated for the Wooden Award and the Naismith Award followed by the second team All American for the

 It must be noted that Eric chose to announce that he is gearing up for the NBA Drafts and was not going to be a college-level basketball player at the same center where he used to play as a four-year-old, the JCC. In his high school days at North Central High School, he was famously named “Mr. Basketball” during his time in senior year while playing in the school. His athleticism and performances had made him one of the top picks in the summer and spring seasons of 2006. This resulted in a tough recruiting competition for Gordon between the University of Illinois and Indiana University during those seasons. His level of skill during the games and the recruiting competition gained him a lot of media coverage from all over the country.

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Eric Gordon Stats & Recruitment

Gordon after playing one year of college basketball and finishing his freshman season, decided to enter the NBA Draft in 2008. He was considered as the top collegiate player as he had finished that season by leading the Big Ten. He tied for 19th in the country with an average of 21.5 points per game. This was followed by his decision to announce that he is going to enter into the 2008 NBA Draft and he made this announcement at the JCC.

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As a result, he was first drafted by the LA Clippers as their seventh overall pick, where he stayed with the team from 2008 till 2011. In the year of 2011, Eric was traded with a few others to the New Orleans Hornets, where he stayed from 2011 till 2016. His third stint was with the Houston Rockets and it had started in 2016 and the stint had ended in 2023 after a 3-team trade was finalized.

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