Bishan Singh Bedi Biography – Career, Age, Death Reason, Achievements

The cricket fans all over India and outside have recently met with a bad news, and this is because one of the former captains of the Indian cricket team has recently died. In the reports, it has been mentioned that the former captain Bishan Singh Bedi, who was also known to be one of the top spinners of all time, has passed away on 23rd October 2023 (on Monday). The news has been spreading like wildfire, and the cricket fans have all been in a big shock.

Those who don’t know Bishan Singh Bedi was on Indian team, and he had been known for the technique he used to spin the ball. In the cricket matches, there were a good number of Indian wins which have been known to be because of his bowling and spinning techniques in the past. It has been known that the Indian captain & spinner was known because of his off spin ball, which was mainly done in the style of a slow left arm orthodox bowling. In the reports, it has been mentioned that Bishan died on 23rd October 2023 in New Delhi (on Monday).

Bishan Singh Bedi Biography

Bishan Singh Bedi, who was the winner for many awards, died recently at the age of 77 in Delhi. The awards which had been received by Bishan included the likes of Lifetime Achievement Awards (K. Nayudu Achievement Award awarded to Bedi in 2004), the Padma Shri Award which he won in 1970, and various other titles which had been received by him for his excellent game during his time led in the Indian cricket team. In the total matches he had played, Bishan Bedi is noted for taking a total of 266 wickets in over 67 matches.

Bishan was known to play in the Indian test cricket matches, and for these matches, he was a part of the Indian team between the years 1966 till 1979. During this time, he played in a total of 67 matches during which he took more than 250 wickets, and not only that, he was also selected to be the national captain in 22 matches. To add to that, the news of Bishan Singh Bedi’s demise has come as a shock to all the Indian cricket fans because Bishan was known for his straightforward and outspoken views on various test cricket matters. In the updates, it is mentioned that he passed away at 77 years old, after a prolonged illness had led to the demise on 23rd October 2023.

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Bishan Singh Bedi Biography Overview

NameBishan Singh Bedi
Birthdate25th September 1945
BirthplaceAmritsar, India
TeamIndian Team
Known ForSpin Style
Death23rd October 2023
PartnerGlenith Miles, Anju bedi
DaughterNeha & Gillinder
SonAngad & Gavasinder
Bowling StyleSlow Left Arm Orthodox Spin
AwardsPadma Shri, CK Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award

Bishan Singh Bedi Early Life, Age & Family

Bishan Singh Bedi, who is known to be one of the favorite Indian Test captains by the cricket fans, was born on 25th September 1945, and Bishan’s birthplace has been mentioned to be Amritsar in Punjab. He was known to develop his style by improving his ability to fight and outsmart the batsmen with his spinning bowling style. This was different as most of the bowlers during that time opted for the fast and intimidating bowling type. For this reason, Bishan was able to gain the title of one of the nation’s “Greatest Left Arm Spinner”, and this title was received because his bowling used a slow left arm off spinning style.

Bishan had a prolonged illness, and as a result, after the multiple surgeries he had in the recent years, he passed away (as a 77 year old) in New Delhi on Monday, 23rd October 2023. His latest surgery was on one of his knees which completed a month ago, and after his death, Bishan’s family including wife Anju, son (Angad Bedi), and daughter (Neha Bedi) mourn his death. He also had another son (Gavasinder) and a daughter (Gillinder) from his first marriage to Glenith Miles.

Bishan Singh Bedi Biography

Bishan Singh Bedi Career Breakthrough

Bishan was known to go out of his way to teach the young players, and as a result of his guidance, many have been able to perform better. His advices had helped the well-known Indian cricket players including the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, who had recently posted along with others including Irfaan Pathan, BCCI Organization, Salman Khan, Rajdeep Sardesai, etc. after the news of Bishan’s death was made public online. Bishan started with his career when he was fifteen, and at that time, he was selected to play for Northern Punjab.

Following this, he was able to take a record of over 64 wickets after he was selected to play in the 1974-75 years of Ranji Trophy. It has been described by the experts that Bishan was known for his expertise of giving flight to the ball, and to add to that, he was also able to give variations to his spinning style while bowling. He was also a part of the Northamptonshire Cricket Club, during the years when he was playing in the English County Cricket. He has been noted to finish taking about 1560 wickets in total at the end of his career, which makes Bishan Bedi as one of the best spinners the Indian team saw.

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Bishan Singh Bedi Latest News

Bishan Bedi was one of the record breaking Indian spinners who also received the Padma Shri Award for the year of 1970. In the latest reports, it has been mentioned that this popular Indian Test spinner has recently breathed his last in New Delhi, as due to various surgeries (latest on knee) prolonged illness, Bishan (former Indian captain) passed away at the age of 77.

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The news was made public on the same day, which was 23rd October 2023, on various social media posts.