Off The Grid Release Date – Cyberpunk Battle Royale Experience Platform, Price and More Updates

All the lovers of shooter style game titles have a new update for them worldwide. This is a big news as there has been no new shooting games for a long time now, and the gamers all over the world have been in a waiting. But this ends with a new update which has come from the official page of Gunzilla Games, and it turns out this is a good news for all the gamers. This is because the Gunzilla Games team have made the most-awaited announcement which tells about a new game on the horizons.

This means all the gamers who have been waiting for a new shooter game to enter the arena are now going to meet with this good news. It is because the team at Gunzilla Games have been working with a Canadian director to bring forward a new shooter game in a team effort. This game will also mark the end of the long wait for the lovers of shooting games, and in addition to that, the new game which is going to be launched by Gunzilla Games is also reported to come with a different twist unlike many other shooting games, in which the storyline can’t be changed by the player’s actions!

Off The Grid Release Date

All the fans of battle style gameplays finally have an exciting update which they can look forward to. This is because there has been a new title for these gamers which has been announced by Gunzilla Games, by working together with the South African & Canadian director Neil Blomkamp (chief visionary officer for Off The Grid). This title is the much awaited game known as Off The Grid, which is gearing for its 2023 release in the coming weeks. Have you been looking to find out about the official Off The Grid Release Date in 2023?

If yes, then don’t worry as we share all the latest information about the Neil Blomkamp game, titled as Off The Grid, in this article. There are several updates for this brand new thrilling battle royale game as of now, and we have shared all the updates here in one place. It must be noted that Off The Grid had been first mentioned in the update which was released on 04th May 2022. After the game announcement, it has been over a year now for the fans who have been waiting for the Off The Grid Release Date and Off The Grid Gameplay Details.

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Off The Grid – Game Overview

GameOff The Grid
StudioGunzilla Games
Script By  Richard Morgan
Visionary OfficerNeil Blomkamp
Game ModePvP & PvE
NFT PlatformGunZ
Release DateTBA
PlatformsXbox X/S, PC & PS 5
TypeBattle Royale
TrailerAugust 2023

Off The Grid Release Date & Announcement

The upcoming battle royale game with a cyberpunk theme, also known as Off The Grid, had been first mentioned in a May 2022 update for the gamers all over the world. This announcement had been made by releasing a teaser trailer for Off The Grid, and the teaser had helped to build a huge hype around the theme of this game online in the months which followed. It must be noted that the hype of this game has also been on an increase because the director of movies such as District 9, Elysium, etc. has been a huge help to bring this game to life with the Gunzilla Games teams.

This Cyberpunk battle royale themed game Off The Grid is built by making the use of Unreal Engine 5 (a game building engine on computers). This makes the audience wait more desperately as it is expected that the game is going to come out with more immersive updates! With many details still unpacked, this article shares with you all the Off The Grid Updates for this month and more, so stay till the end. It has been announced that the game has not been given an exact or official Off The Grid Release Date, but at the same time, it has been confirmed by the developing team that Off The Grid is set to release before the end of 2023.

Off The Grid Release Date

Off The Grid Release Date & Story

It is expected that the new shooter game Off The Grid is going to be released with an innovative scenario to immerse the gamers in, and this has been “brought to life” with the help of big names including Neil Blomkamp, Richard Morgan (author of Altered Carbon) and Gunzilla together. The game has been designed to create a huge cyberpunk world, and as the first game by Gunzilla Games, the studio is going to share Off The Grid Updates in coming weeks. There is still not much information about the story or the world in Off The Grid itself.

But with the names like Richard, Neil, etc. it is expected that Off The Grid narrative is going to contain social inequalities, big companies in the world, no institutions to secure rights of people and the role of technology which is played in the story. Based on the information which has been shared by the Gunzilla team, it is expected that in confrontations which will happen in Off The Grid, players will play the role of mercenaries. It is also expected that it will be difficult to know which mercenary is going to fight for the good side, as in the world of Off The Grid, the board members in companies are going to be the faces of a system managed by AI.

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Off The Grid Gameplay Details, Trailer & More Updates

In Off The Grid, the guarding of profits and secrets of big companies are going to be the final goal of the board members, and they use all the means available to do so. But as things get out of control, they call these mercenaries to do the dirty jobs, which will aid them to get the target job finished. In Off The Grid Gameplay, it is promised that there will be a fresh experience for the gamers with a large map and other changes. In Off The Grid, there will be about 150 players in each match, and these players will either fight other players in a traditional battle royale style or participate in the PvE content for Off The Grid in form of missions.

In a trailer for Off The Grid revealed in 2023, the gameplay opens to show multiple clips which come from the dystopian grid/map of Teardrop Island, where players are battling in a PvP style. It is also shown that there will be various traversal option in the game, battles in cars, jetpacks, etc. There is also a 60 hour story campaign which form the actual Off The Grid Gameplay, in which a woman is kidnapped and transported by allies of the player and the player too. The game is also hyped as it is going to use the blockchain technology for trading inside the game, and this NFT platform will be called GunZ.

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Off The Grid Platforms 2023

Those who are wondering about the platforms of cyberpunk battle royale Off The Grid Release, it is reported that the game is going to be released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This means for any older generation of consoles, Off The Grid is not going to be an option. This makes sense as in 2023, this is going to be an AAA game built using the Unreal Engine 5, which makes use of the weapons such as futuristic AK47 and other machines.