Paul Wall Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Paul Wall, who has been known to be a Swishahouse DJ and rapper, was born on 11th March 1981. Paul has been famous for spending most of his rapping and DJ career with the independent label and one of the Southern Hip Hop groups, known as the Swishahouse. He has been able to release many of his popular albums under the Swishahouse label and has also made guest tracks with musicians including the likes of Chamillionaire.

Paul had also started his rapping career by giving excellent performances when he had been on side of the Houstonian rapper. The group had also released various albums, most of them independently such as the 2002’s hit with the title “Get Ya Mind Correct”. By the year 2005, he had been signed with the Atlantic Records and had become successful with the release of his second album with the Atlantic, which had been titled as “The Peoples Champ” in 2005. As a result of his success, Paul had also seen a nomination for a Grammy Award in his past.

Paul Wall Net Worth 2024

Paul had first started to get popular when the group had released their first mixtape with the title “Choppin Em Up Part 2”, as it had been released in 1999. This had led to the group’s more local popularity and the underground Houston mixtape circuit had then started to regularly invite them for performances and as a result, had made them a permanent member of the group. This had been changed when Slim Thug, another fellow rapper had decided to leave the group and this suit had been followed by other rappers too.

This had led to the formation of their own hip hop group, which had been known as ‘The Color Changin’ Click’ (including both Paul and Chamillionaire), inspiring the name adopted. Both the rappers had started releasing various mixtapes which had started to get popular and had made them receive better business opportunities. One such opportunity was when ‘The Color Changin’ Click’ had been invited to produce and then record one full album for the label, Paid In Full Records. This also helped Paul in getting success as a DJ both at parties and mixtape records.

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Paul Wall Bio & Earnings Overview

NamePaul Wall
Born11th March 1981
BirthplaceTexas, US
OccupationRapper, Songwriter, Actor, DJ
LabelAtlantic, Swishahouse, RED
GenreSouthern Hip Hop
GroupsThe Color Changin’ Click & The Expensive Taste
NominationGrammy Award (for performance in Nelly’s Grillz)
Known ForGet Money, Stay True in 2007
StyleEndless Usage of Southern Slangs
MoviesFurnace, Xtinction, etc.
WifeCrystal Slayton
SonWilliam Slayton
DaughterNoelle Slayton
SchoolJersey Village High School
CollegeUniversity of Houston
Height5.9 ft
WeightOver 72 kg
Net Worth8 million USD

Paul Wall Early Life, Age & Family

Paul Wall, born as Paul Michael Slayton as mentioned on the birthdate 11th March 1981, has been an ardent supporter of the Houston sports teams. Paul has spent most of his early childhood years growing up in Texas, US, where he has also completed his schooling. He had attended the Jersey Village High School, in Jersey Village which is located in Texas, US. Paul has also been known to study in the University of Houston, a public research university since 1927 in the Texas region of the US. In the University of Houston, following his school, he had been enrolled in a course where he would study the subjects and theories of mass communications for 3 years in full.

Paul had been introduced to the hip hop music, when in his early days, he had also been a team member on the Northwest part of the Houston city. He has been married to Crystal Slayton, his wife and as per the reports, the couple has two children, namely, William (his son) and Noelle (his daughter). During his time in the Northwest, he had been involved in activities which would help promote multiple southern labels including the likes of Def Jam Records, No Limit Records (Master P’s label), Cash Money (in 1991), etc.

Paul Wall Net Worth 2023

Paul Wall Career Beginnings & Breakthrough

Paul Wall had started with performing in the Southern Hip Hop group, Swishahouse, with the fellow rapper Chamillionaire, in a team. They had started to do freestyles and promote the other groups, in the start, but this had later changed as they became permanent members of the label too. Following this, they had started to perform as a duo with the title ‘The Color Changin’ Click’, as it has been mentioned. With increased popularity, the group members had started to perform as solo artists later on, thus, also helping Paul to become a prominent DJ in the city.

Paul has been known to use the chopping and screwing style of remixing his tracks when he is a DJ in parties, as stated. In 2005, Paul’s first album with the title ‘The Peoples Champ’ had been released for the wider audience all over the world. It must also be noted that the album had been a huge success for the artist as it had peaked at number one and had also enlisted many tracks in the Billboard Hot 100 List at the time. Later, Wall had also become a part of the rap supergroup, titled as the “Expensive Taste”, with his fellow musician friends Travis Barker & Skinhead Rob.

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Paul Wall Latest News & Other Ventures

In the latest news, it has been revealed that a new single which has Paul Wall as a guest on the track has been released to be listed on the Billboard Hot 100 List in the last week. It has also allowed two other artists who have appeared on the list for the first time in their career with the help of Paul’s collaboration on “Johnny Dang”, as the song has been titled. It has also included two other artists other than Paul, namely, That Mexican OT and DRODi, on the same track after it had been released on 26th May 2023. As per the reports, the song had been able to debut at number 97 with more than about 5.8 million streams at the moment.

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Paul has also been busy with teaming up with the mobile game company, Jump Shot Media to create the first mobile battle rap game in the world till date. He has also been a part of the 2009 movie, with the title of ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’, with an additional appearance in the movie ‘Furnace’ among others. It has often been referred that Wall’s rapping style has been “thick but Swift Southern Drawl” with endless usage of Southern slang terms.

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