Spellbound Season 2 Release Date – Episodes, Plot, Story and Cast

As with other fantasy dramas, the fall of 2023 is going to be filled with a lot of variety for fans who are excited about magic, dance, etc. This list has been growing for a long time and the latest addition to this has come with the name of the US based fantasy streaming TV drama, also known as Spellbound, in the year of 2023. This is because the series has started to stream for the audience worldwide, and as a result, the popularity of the show has been on an increase for the creative storytelling.

This Spellbound Season 1 has been able to captivate the audience so much from all parts of the world that it has not been more than two months after its arrival, and the demand for the second season of the fantasy drama, called Spellbound, has now started. For the fans, as the year 2023 progresses, this also leads to a lot of confusion about the release of Spellbound Season 2. There is a recent update which has been released for the viewers, and it is able to give an idea about the official Spellbound Season 2 Release Date, Spellbound Season 2 Production Status, Spellbound Season 2 Plot, Spellbound Season 2 Cast, etc. at the same time.

Spellbound Season 2 Release Date

There is a new series which has been released for the lovers of fantasy and witches, and it has been named as Spellbound. This Spellbound Season 1 series has recently been made available for the general public to stream on the platform of Hulu. It has not been a long wait since the first Spellbound season had been released finally on 31st August 2023, but the clamour for the second instalment of the show Spellbound has already been on an increase. This has led to a lot of the fans to complete the Spellbound Season 1 on Hulu and get ready to wait for another.

This means all the viewers on the streamer, who have finished the first season of Spellbound are now facing the biggest question in front of them: is there going to be Spellbound Season 2? For all these fans, the latest Spellbound Update has been finally released. There has been a lot of information on Spellbound Season 2 but most of it has not been posted officially. For this reason, we have taken a look at all the Spellbound Season 2 Updates, and have shared with you here. It has now been reported that there is a high expectation that Spellbound is going to make a return with its second season next year, but, there has not been an official Hulu announcement yet for the same.

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Spellbound Seasons & Episodes Overview

TV ShowSpellbound
GenreFantasy, Drama
Upcoming SeasonSeason 2
Season 2 Release DateTBA
Sequel ToFind Me in Paris (2018)
Total Episodes13
DebutAugust 2023
Runtime23-26 minutes

Spellbound Season 2 Release Date & Story

The newly released fantasy English language TV series, Spellbound, has been getting huge attention in the past week. The main reason behind this popularity increase has been the compelling performances of the cast members and the story’s pickup. This is important as Spellbound Season 1 has also been the sequel to the teen dramedy sci-fi TV series, also known as Find Me in Paris (a 2018 release). For this reason, the sequel story of Spellbound is also set in the same location as of 2018, which is of the Paris Opera Ballet School.

As a tween fantasy TV series, Spellbound, has also been focusing the story this time on magic instead of time travel as it had done in 2018’s Find Me in Paris. In the series, the story tells about Cece Parker Jones, (a ballet dancer) whose enchanting journey in Paris Opera Ballet School has been the reason of the show’s success. The 2023’s Spellbound has been created by Lori Mather, in an effort with Jill Girling for the complete season one. In the duration of these thirteen episodes, which the tween fantasy Spellbound Season 1 takes to complete, the story reveals that Cece starts to find out that she comes from a family of Wizens, and as a result, she has magical powers.

Spellbound Season 2 Release Date

Spellbound Season 2 Release Date & Plot

In the recent updates, it has been announced that the Spellbound Season 1 has been released on Hulu for everyone on 31st August 2023. After this, it is expected that the second season for Spellbound is on the way. Although, this is yet to be confirmed by the streamer but various posts by the show’s creators have made the audience to stay hopeful. This is because two weeks before the first season’s release, the official Spellbound Season 2 Production Status had begun. To add to this, it was also posted by Girling that the series is going to return with second chapter in June 2023.

In the Spellbound Season 2 Plot, it is expected that the story is going to continue after Cece has been dragged away by a mysterious figure in a cloak. It is also going to tell about the pasts of Adrian and Kevin, while Juliet becomes a treat to Cece. It can also include Cece’s family history and more of her potential as a witch. The Spellbound Season 2 Filming had begun in July 2023 and the writers had also started working on it in June 2023. Now, as of September 2023, there has been no official update about the Spellbound Season 2 Renewal Status.

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Spellbound Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Other Updates

With no official confirmation, it is still expected that Spellbound Season 2 is going to be greenlit as the filming for the upcoming season is going to end by October 2023. So, it is expected that after the post production, the Spellbound Season 2 Release Date is going to be sometime in 2024.

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In the Spellbound Season 2 roles, the expected cast is: Hailey Romain playing Cece Jones, Margherita Barbueru playing Simone, Abigail as Mia, Sam Darius playing Jack, Zac Gabriel playing Finn, Imogen Mackie playing Amy, Charles Baker playing Kevin, etc.