Burning Body Season 2 Release Date – Episodes, Plot, Story and Cast

As the year of 2023 has started to come out with a lot of new shows every month, all the genres are seeing an increase in their fan base. This includes a number of reasons as there are now various streaming services which are releasing these popular stories. Another addition which is going to be made to this list of popular Netflix shows is the name of Burning Body. The season 1 for the show has been finally released on the platform and there are a lot of reviews for the show’s success story.

All the fans who have been waiting for the crime stories, have met a new show which has been titled as Burning Body, as it gets popular with the audience on Netflix. There have been various stories in the recent months of 2023 which have gained a big viewership on the streamer, but the show Burning Body has still not left its peak in the number of views that the show has gained. As the first season of Burning Body had been released on 08th September 2023, the show did not take long to become a hit, and as a result, the Burning Body fans now want more of this crime story.

Burning Body Season 2 Release Date  

After the story of shows including the likes of Money Heist, Yellowstone and others, there is a new show which has started to gain a lot of attention in the recent weeks. This is the new crime drama TV series, which has been available to stream on Netflix with its first season, called as Burning Body. It must be noted that the show Burning Body has not completed its first month on the streaming services yet, but many of the reviews have shown that Burning Body, as a show, is now critically acclaimed.

The main reason behind the success of Burning Body is the compelling story and the energetic performance by the cast in Burning Body Season 1. Another reason which makes the Burning Body and its first installment different is that the show’s story has not been a fictional one. This is to say that the show has also been seen as one of the top 2023 Netflix crime documentaries in this season. For this reason, the fans of Burning Body have now started to clamor for a second season of the show. They have also started to look for more information about the Burning Body Season 2, but there are no new updates.

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Burning Body Seasons & Episodes Overview

TV ShowBurning Body
GenreCrime, Drama
Upcoming SeasonCancelled
Total Episodes8
Debut08th September 2023
TypeLimited Series
Based OnMurder Case of Pedro Rodriguez in Spain (2017)
Runtime44-49 minutes
ProductionAcadia Motion Pictures

Burning Body Season 2 Release Date & Story

As the release of the new crime drama and documentary on Netflix, also called as Burning Body, gets popular, fans have now started to demand a second instalment. This means the Burning Body Season 1 has been a hit, and the audience have been thrilled by the murder investigation of Pedro Rodriguez. If you’re also one of these fans who have been looking for Burning Body Season 2 Updates, then don’t worry as you are in the right place. This is because we have taken a look at all the information about the Burning Body Season 2 and shared in this article.

In the series, the story is focused on a real murder investigation. The show Burning Body has been a huge hit, as the story has been developed by taking the 2017 real life case of murder of a Guardia officer, known as Pedro Rodriguez. There has been a total of 8 episodes which have been released as a part of the first Burning Body season. It was also originally released in Spanish language first, as the case which the story has been inspired by is from Spain. Pedro Rodriguez, a Guardia officer in Barcelona had been murdered and his remains were found in a burnt car. As the story tells, this led to the Burning Body murder investigation story to begin in real life with Pedro’s girlfriend and her lover as the suspects.

Burning Body Season 2 Release Date

Burning Body Season 2 Release Date & Plot

All the viewers who have been waiting for the Burning Body Season 2 Release Date finally have the new update. As per the update, the new crime show had been released as a ‘limited series’ only, and Netflix has been known to only release one season when it comes to a ‘limited series’ for the viewers. This is also because the creators had found the story to be sufficient to be wrapped up in only 8 episodes of Burning Body Season 1.

The first season of Burning Body tells about Pedro Rodriguez’s murder, in which Rosa Peral with Albert Lopez are found guilty of Pedro’s murder. In the story, both of them are shown to blame each other for the night of Pedro’s murder. At the end, the cops have to find out the reality of this web of lies, infidelity, violence and scandals based on the evidence they have obtained. As a result of this, both Rosa and Albert are sentenced to more than 20 years in prison. The story had been long only to be converted into a crime miniseries on Netflix in 2023. It is expected that there is not going to be a second season for Burning Body anytime later.

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Burning Body Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Other Updates

The original story of Burning Body Season 1 has now come to an end, and there is not going to be a second season as Burning Body Season 2 as of now.

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The cast members had included Ursula Corbero as Rosa and Quim Gutierrez as Albert with Jose Manuel, Isak Ferriz, Eva Llorach, Raul Prieto, etc.