Colleen Ballinger Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Colleen Ballinger, who was born on 21st November 1986 in California in the US, is famously known as an American comedian, actress, write, singer and a YouTuber. She has risen to fame because of her online videos which she posts on YouTube for everyone. Ballinger has created an online character which is called ‘Miranda Sings’, and in the videos where she portrays her own internet character, she is usually found performing her comedy acts which are solo performances by her.

Ballinger has also been a part of the recent news because of a recent video she has posted on her YouTube Channel. It has been reported that the video posted by her has invited massive backlash from the internet users and there have been reverts from her side now which are being received. It must also be added that Ballinger has also now become a highly controversial figure as the huge slamming which has been received by her for the recent video has not stopped the allegations which have come with it.

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth 2024

Ballinger was born to Tim Ballinger and his wife Gwen Ballinger in Santa Barbara in California, US. She was born on 21st November 1986 in a family with her father in the sales manager job. She was homeschooled for the years in her middle school and then she had attended the San Macros High School, a public school in Santa Barbara. Following this, Ballinger attended the Azusa Pacific University, where she graduated from in 2008 and it has been stated that she had majored in vocal performance during her time in the university.

It has been alleged in the reports that her recent apology video, which she had posted for the serious allegations has been a mockery. The video has been posted on 29th June 2023 on her channel and in the description, Ballinger had urged the viewers to not condone and support any kind of scenarios where online bullying or hate is reaching towards anyone ever. This video starts with her singing a song with the help of a ukulele. In the video, she picked up the instrument and sang a 10 minutes long song about these reports.

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Colleen Ballinger Bio & Career Overview

NameColleen Ballinger
Born21st November 1986
BirthplaceSanta Barbara, US
OccupationVideo Creator, Writer, Singer & Comedian
SchoolSan Macros High School
CollegeAzusa Pacific University
Channels on YouTubeMiranda Sings, Colleen Vlogs, Colleen Ballinger
ViewsOver 5 billion
SubscribersOver 20 million
Books WrittenSelp Helf & My Diarrhe
AllegationsAccused of grooming minors
Height5.6 ft
WeightOver 55 kg
Net WorthOver 9 million USD

Colleen Ballinger Education & Career

Ballinger is known for going on worldwide tours where she performs her one-woman comedy acts in theatres. She has also been involved in the creation of a Netflix series on her character called ‘Haters Back Off’. This Netflix original series was released in 2016-2017 and it was centered to show the family life of the main character which was created by her, ‘Miranda Sings’. It has also been shared that the creation of this character was inspired to satirize the videos where other online creators sing badly in the hope that they would someday break into the business and never recognize that they lack talent for the same.

Ballinger has also appeared in various shows as an actress and singer in theatre, television shows, web shows, and recordings. As an actress, she has been known to be a part of the series ‘Escape the Night’ in 2018, for playing the character of Dawn in the Broadway musical titled ‘Waitress’, for a guest appearance in ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’, and has also appeared thrice on ‘The Tonight Show’ among many other popular talk shows. Ballinger has also completed publishing two books, which had been written in Miranda’s voice, and they have become national bestsellers later. These books are Selp Helf from 2015 and My Diarrhe from 2018.

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth– Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Colleen Ballinger Family & Earnings

In her family, Ballinger has two older brothers namely Trent and Christopher with a younger sister, Rachel. On her YouTube channel, it has also been seen that Ballinger regularly uploads videos which are comical and sometimes also related to the lifestyle category of content. She has 2 YouTube channels, where one is dedicated for her vlogs and the other is her personal channel. It has been reported that her channels when combined, turn out to have had more than 5 billion views in total till now. Her personal ‘Miranda Sings’ channel has surpassed a total of 10 million views. On other platforms, it has been seen that her online character has gained her more than 13 million followers on SM TikTok and more than 6 million followers on the SM Instagram.

In her recent video, she sings in the song that the allegations which have been aimed at her are not true and must only be taken as gossip. She goes further and uses many phrases in the song where she tells about the lies which are being spread with her allegations. She sings that all the allegations are simply a “toxic gossip train” which is running against her on “tracks of misinformation”. She had also added in the video song which was 10 minute long that these gossips are a “one way ticket to manipulation station”. Ballinger had also mentioned in the song that she was advised strongly by her team to not talk about these rumors and thus, she had realized that she could talk about the same in the form of a song instead.

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Colleen Ballinger Apology Controversy 2024

In recent years, the American comedian who has been famous for playing her famous online character Miranda Sings, was accused of grooming Adam Mclntyre. This had happened in the year of 2020, when Adam had come out with a video saying that Ballinger had groomed him when he was 13 years old. Adam was still 22 years old when he had released the allegation video in April 2020. As a result, there were many others who had started coming forward with the same allegations against Ballinger in the same year and after that. This was then followed by another group which came forward and alleged that Ballinger used to make sexual jokes in group chats with multiple minors.

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Following all this, recently, she decided to speak up against the allegations and have released a YouTube video about it. In the video, Ballinger also said that these allegations are not true and joked that she has only groomed her two pet cats in her song. To the video, Adam has also responded, he said, that the video had made fun of him and his feelings but at the same time, the same video has also shown to everyone that Ballinger is an “evil woman”. To this video, many other netizens have also responded by saying that the video must be considered very insensitive and she has now started being slammed for making a joke about such serious situation through a YouTube song video.