Devon Archer Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Devon Archer, who has been a longtime friend of Hunter Biden, was born on 17th August 1965 in the US. Devon has been a popular businessman who has also been known to be a close contact with the second son of the current sitting US President, namely, Hunter Biden. It has been reported various times that they both have been very close in their business associations and they have now been together in the ongoing investigations for federal crimes.

Hunter has been a part of these federal investigations for the activities in his business dealings that have taken place outside the US. There have been numerous reports which have come out and they have mentioned that in the activities which have taken place in recent years by Hunter’s multiple ventures, it has now been said, that Devon has also been a part of these dealings. It has been also reported that the meetings for which the federal authorities in the US have come forward to complete investigations, involve the current US President, Joe Biden, as it has been stated.

Devon Archer Net Worth 2024

Devon Archer, who has been also made popular to be a part of the news these days as, simply Devon, has been the Managing Partner in the venture Rosemont Seneca. As a prominent American businessman, he has been under investigation for his business dealings which had been done after he had teamed up with Hunter Biden. He has also been sentenced for his fraudulent activities in the last year, when on 28th February 2022, Archer had been charged with fraud for his attempt in which he had wanted to cheat a Native American Tribe.

This attempt by Devon had been completed by using a fraudulent bond scheme, which would have allowed him to cheat the tribe of about 60 million USD.  It had been allegedly stated that he had used the complete amount to serve his idea of building a financial service company in place of holding the same bonds for annuity purposes, as it had been reported. As a result, Devon was sentenced to go to prison in the year 2022 because of the same.

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Devon Archer Bio & Earnings Overview

NameDevon Archer
Born17th August 1965
BirthplaceBrooklyn, US
OccupationBanker & Businessman
Known ForHunter Biden’s Business Associate
ResidenceNY City, US
PartnerKimberly Guilfoyle
FoundedBHR Partners, Rosemont Seneca Brothers, etc. (with others)
Current StatusUnder Federal Investigation
EducationNot Available
Previous CaseAttempt to Fraud a Native American Tribe
Sentence366 Days in Prison
Current CaseBusiness Dealings Investigation with Hunter Biden
Height5.7 ft
WeightOver 70 kg
Net WorthOver 5-10 million USD

Devon Archer’s Early Life, Age & Family

Devon Archer, a known business associate of Hunter Biden who has been under investigation recently, was born on 17 August 1965. At the age of 56, Archer was one of the top businessmen in the US who had spent their early childhood years growing up in the Brooklyn borough of New York, US. He has been married to Kimberley Guilfoyle, his wife who has been stated to be a reporter and the couple has not been seen to have any children together.

There has not been much information which can be seen about Devon’s education and family. The section will get updated as there are new updates that come out with every day articles about Devon Archer. In the news, it has now been said that Archer has been in ‘hiding’ as the country awaits and gets ready for his upcoming bombshell testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee. It has also been reported that most of his testimonial details are going to give away the details of his former business associate, Hunter Biden, and his business dealings.

Devon Archer Net Worth – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Devon Archer Career & Politics

Archer has been one of the Managing Partners and the executive directors of the Rosemont Seneca and at the same time, he has also served as one of the General Partners in the venture which had been known as the BHR Partners. It must also be noted that Devon has also been known to have experience at Citibank as a banker and also at the famous New England Financial, before his leading roles at other ventures.

He has been a co-founder and a business partner in the Hunter-led venture known as the Rosemont Seneca Partners. Following this, he had also been noted to be a board member of the company, which has been known as Burisma Holdings. After years of closely working with Hunter Biden, it has been seen that Archer has a good knowledge of Biden’s business dealings both outside the US and in the country, thus, making his testimony the most awaited aspect of the ongoing federal investigation.

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Devon Archer Latest News & Investigations

Archer had been one of the founders of the BHR Partners in 2013, which had been a result of teaming up of the Rosemont Seneca and a Chinese investment firm, also called the Bohai Capital. The firm has been a Beijing-backed equity firm and Devon had been forced to resign after he had been a part of the federal investigation in 2016. It has now been expected that there will be several intimate details which are going to be revealed very soon as Archer is expected to testify on Capitol Hill Monday.

It has been reported that the testimony is going to reveal the foreign ventures he had been working on with Hunter and also clear whether US President Biden has been a part of these dealings or not. He is all ready to testify before the GOP Led House Oversight Committee and it has been said that Devon is going to tell about the details of the meetings that both Hunter and Joe Biden had attended together, as stated.

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Devon had been sentenced to about 366 days of imprisonment for an attempt to defraud a Native American Tribe in 2022. The upcoming Devon’s testimony is also going to reveal whether the Bidens had been misusing the influence of then US Vice President Joe Biden, to help mark and close deals with foreign investors and businessmen. To add to that, the investigation is also going to check if there have been any corrupted business practices followed by them, as it has been mentioned.