Jordan Poole Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Income

Jordan Poole, who has been known as one of the top NBA players, was born on 19th June 1999. He has been a member of the American professional basketball team, the Washington Wizards. Jordan has been the 2016 First Team All Wisconsin Selection as a junior in his early years. He has completed his schooling years in La Porte and Milwaukee. As a senior in his school, he had also been popular as he had played in the 2017 Dick’s National High School Championship and became the winning player. In his initial college years, he led his team to win the Big Ten Conference Season Opening Match in 2017.

In November of 2021, Jordan scored his career-high eight 3-pointers in a game against the Toronto Raptors. This game had been played by Poole on 21st November and a total of 33 points had been scored through his career-high three-pointers in a single game, which had led the team to win against the Raptors in the final score of 119 against 104. In the following games, as new additions had been made to the team’s starting lineup, Poole started to play as the point guard in the team’s matches.

Jordan Poole Net Worth 2024

With Poole, the Michigan Wolverines had defeated North Carolina to emerge as one of the top teams in the NCAA Division 1 Men’s College Basketball Series, called the ACC Big Ten Challenge. In the following season of the Big Ten Conference, Purdue’s team had been defeated by Michigan in the opener match with Poole in the team’s lead, with a game-high score of 21 points. For this reason, he was also been recognized as the “Big Ten Player of the Week” for his performance in these two games.

In the recent reports, Jordan had been in the news due to the 2022 altercation which had taken place in October, between him and another teammate Draymond Green. In the recent weeks of July 2023, Draymond had been seen rehashing the incident on an episode of “The Pat Beverly Podcast with Rone” and this had made Poole’s father reply to Draymond with a tweet shortly after. Draymond had mentioned on the episode that the way in which he had handled the situation was wrong, as it was during a tournament. He also added that he wishes luck to Poole and that he has not kept any hard feelings towards the Michigan player.

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Jordan Poole Bio & Earnings Overview

Name2016 WBCA All-State Boys Basketball Selection, Number 1 Shooting Guard in 2017 Class, No. 2 Overall Prospect
Born19th June 1999
OccupationNBA Basketball Player
TeamGolden State Warriors & Washington Wizards
PositionShooting/Point Guard
LeagueNBA & NCAA Division 1 In-Season
Draft2019 NBA Draft
NicknamePoole Party
Awards2016 WBCA All State Boys Basketball Selection, Number 1 Shooting Guard in 2017 Class, No. 2 Overall Prospect
Known For2018 Big Ten Tournament
MotherMonet Poole
FatherAnthony Poole
High SchoolRufus King High School, La Lumiere School
CollegeUniversity of Michigan
College BasketballMichigan Wolverines Men’s Basketball Team
Height6.4 ft
WeightOver 88 kg
Net WorthOver 14 million USD

Jordan Poole’s Early Life, Age & Family

Jordan, who had played as a point guard in the Michigan Wolverines during his early years, was born on 19th June 1999. The full birth name which has been mentioned for the player is, Jordan Anthony Poole. He had spent most of his early childhood years in the state of Wisconsin where he had also completed his schooling. For this reason, he had attended the Rufus King High School in Milwaukee and the La Lumiere School in Indiana’s city of La Porte. He is the middle child of all the children in his family, having both an older and a younger sister.

He had spent his early years in Wisconsin, where he had been raised by his parents namely, Money Poole (his mother) and Anthony Poole (his father). Poole had also visited teams such as the Illinois NCAA Division 1 Basketball Team, Wisconsin Badgers, Indiana Hoosiers, Marquette Golden Eagles, and the Drake Bulldogs as a “Blue Chip” High School recruit. This had been followed by his visit to Michigan for a game between the 2015 Wolverines and the BYU, which had made him receive an offer from them. This made him the first commitment for the class of 2017 and the no. 1 shooting guard in the National Class in 2017.

Jordan Poole Net Worth 2023

Jordan Poole College Basketball & NBA Career

By the time, Poole had reached Michigan to play college basketball in the year 2016, he had been ranked as the 90th overall prospect ranking-wise. In his freshman season, he had helped defeat Houston in the 2018 NCAA Tournament. In Jordan Poole’s sophomore year, his skills played a major role in playing the ACC Big Ten Challenge and the Big Ten Conference Season. He had also been on the team when Michigan had won the 2018 Big Ten Tournament, which had resulted in going to the season’s national championship game later.

Following the 2019 NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball championship, he declared for the 2019 NBA Draft with other team members. This finally resulted when the Golden State Warriors came forward to draft him in the 2019 NBA Draft’s first round. However, before he had become an important part of the Warriors, he had been on assignments for about 2 seasons. He led the NBA in the ‘free throw percentage’ in the 2021-22 season and also won an NBA Championship that year. On entering the professional league, Jordan had been criticized for his unpolished scoring abilities, which have now improved.

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Jordan Poole Latest News & Statistics

As per the latest reports, which have been released after 06th July 2023, the Warriors had traded Poole and other team members such as Ryan Rollins, Patrick Baldwin Junior, and several other draft picks in exchange for another player, named, Chris Paul, from the NBA team Washington Wizards. It has also been reported that on 05th October 2022, Jordan had gotten into an altercation with teammate Draymond Green during a practice match with the team. Green had punched Poole, which had been recorded in a video lip. Green had apologized after that and has also said that he wishes a bright future for the superstar player.

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NBA Regular Season Statistics

YearTeamGPGSMPG (per game)FG (in %)3P (in %)FT (in %)RPG (per game)APG (per game)SPG (per game)BPG (per game)PPG
2019–20Golden State571422.4.333.279.7982.
2020–21Golden State51719.4.432.351.8821.
2021-22Golden State765130.00.4480.364-
2022–23Golden State824330.0.430.336.8702.