Michael Rubin Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Income

Michael Rubin, who is an American businessman and the CEO of ‘Fanatics’, was born on the 21st of July 1972. He has been known to lead one of the world’s biggest providers of licensed sports and games apparel. Rubin has also made a big fortune by being one of the previous partners of the Philadelphia 76ers NBA Basketball team. It has been reported that as of now in 2023, he has also become one of the top billionaires with estimations of about 11 billion USD in his wealth.

Michael has been in the recent news these days as there has been a star-studded party which he hosted on 04th July 2023. The party was attended by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Justin Skye, and Chaney Jones along with Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Lori Harvey, etc. The news headlines have also stated that in the event, the dresses for Kim and Chaney had almost ‘matched’ and the resemblance has now sent their fans into a debate about who was able to look better in the dresses. During this event, Kim decided to send out a video of her fans so they could catch a glimpse.

Michael Rubin Net Worth 2024

Michael Rubin is a businessman and a philanthropist who has been known to lead various groups and companies such as the ‘Fanatics’, ‘Rue Gilt Groupe’, where the latter is one group that holds off-price e-commerce businesses such as RueLaLa.com alongside Gilt.com & ShopPremiumOutlets.com. He is known to be a founder of GSI Commerce, which was later acquired by the e-commerce giant, eBay. This trade resulted in GSI being acquired for more than a sum of 2.3 billion USD in the year of 2011.

After this, Rubin was a partner in the NBA team Philadelphia till the year of 2022. He had also been a partner in the hockey team of New Jersey starting in 2013. He had decided to sell all of his stakes in 2022 when a property management holding company called ‘Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment’ had come forward to buy his stakes. This decision by Rubin had been made so he could focus and spend more time building ‘Fanatics’.

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Michael Rubin Bio & Earnings Overview

NameCEO of the Fanatics, Chairman Rue Gilt Groupe, Co-chair Reform Alliance
Born21st July 1972
BirthplacePennsylvania, US
ResidenceNew York City
CompaniesCEO of the Fanatics, Chairman Rue Gilt Groupe, Co chair Reform Alliance
Known ForGSI Commerce (Sold to eBay for more than 2 billion USD later)
WifeMeegan Rubin (Divorced)
EducationVillanova University (Drop Out)
Featured In‘Forbes 400’, ‘Forbes: The World’s Billionaires List’, ‘Bloomberg Billionaires Index’
Height1.8 m
Weight76 kg
Net WorthOver 11 billion USD

Michael Rubin’s Early Life, Age & Family

Michael was born to a Jewish family in Pennsylvania, where he spent most of his childhood. His parents are Paulette Rubin, his mother who had worked as a psychiatrist, and Ken Rubin, his father, who had worked as a veterinarian. It has been stated that he had spent his childhood in Lafayette Hill Community, which has been a part of Pennsylvania. Rubin stated earlier that it was in this community where he had started a ski tuning shop in his house’s basement at the age of 12 years old.

When he was 16 years old, Michael had collected about 120,000 USD in debt and he had decided to settle all his debt by taking a loan from his father. His father had allowed him to do so under the condition that he go to college. He had agreed to that while also continuing his business which had expanded to five ski tuning shops by this time. He had attended Villanova University, but only after a semester did he decide to drop out finally. Rubin had started his ski shop business in Conshohocken, which is situated in Pennsylvania.

Michael Rubin Net Worth– Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Income

Michael Rubin Career & Earnings

Rubin has been an active member as the co-chair of the ‘REFORM Alliance’, an NGO that has been dedicated to bringing about reforms in the American Criminal Justice System. The group also has various other celebrities such as Jay Z, Meek Mill, and Daniel Loeb, among others. His one of first career opportunities was during his time in college when he bought 200,000 USD in equipment at a discount and reselling it later. Using this money, he founded an athletic equipment company called ‘KPR Sports’, which had been involved in buying and selling overstock merchandise.

This company had reached about 50 million USD in sales by the year 1995. Rubin, with the help of this, had then decided to purchase 40% of the women’s shoe company called ‘Ryka’. In 1998, Rubin founded Global Sports Incorporated, or GSI Commerce which was able to turn later into a billion-dollar e-commerce business, when it was later acquired by eBay. He then purchased a leading sports merchandising company, the ‘Fanatics’. He has also been very active in bringing partnership deals for the company and this number has now exceeded 300 teams, leagues, and teams.

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Michael Rubin Net Worth & Latest News

Rubin has been reported to have been a huge sports since his childhood years and he has also become the owner of a 43.5 million USD penthouse, which he had purchased in 2018. He has been divorced from Meegan Rubin, who has worked as a dance teacher. His first daughter is Kylie, who was followed by his second daughter, Romi Rubin. Romi is the child of Rubin and model Camille Fishel.

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For his efforts in philanthropy, Rubin had also started the ‘All In Challenge’ which had gone viral to raise about 60 million USD. This amount was raised to handle the food insecurity issue which had been a big part of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recent news, it has also been stated that Rubin had recently held a big party at his 40 million USD mansion in the Hamptons. For this Fourth of July Rubin’s party, there was a request made that all his guests wear all-white dresses to the party. This had led to Kim Kardashian’s dress to look very similar to that of Chaney Jones, who is also Kanye West’s ex, as reported.