My Demon Release Date – Cast, Story Plot and more

As the month of September 2023 had come out with many shows to help with the excitement of the fans all over the world, this month is also going to be a competition for these shows. This is because the upcoming shows and movies in the 2023 lineup are going to be the fan favorites in different regions. This is also because the upcoming group of these movies and shows are not only going to be released for the audience who are waiting the new Hollywood dramas but also for the audience which have developed a loyal fan base for the shows outside of the US based stories and characters.

These new entertainment updates are also going to include new releases in the ongoing fall season of 2023. There are various genres which will see a lot of releases in the coming months, and the most popular category for these viewers is going to be the Korean Dramas, or as they are called as by the audience, the K-Dramas. There is no need to worry about the new seasons, as the list is also going to include a lot of titles which have just been added for the first time.

My Demon Release Date

All the fans who have been busy with the Korean dramas which have started to make their place in the top rankings everywhere, are in for a big surprise. This is because the latest update from the entertainment industry about the fall 2023 lineup is about the upcoming Korean dramas, which are a popular choice for everyone not only in the countries where English is the main language, but also the parts of the world where the non-English speaking audience is coming from in 2023.

To add to this excitement, there is a new South Korean drama which will add to the list of these shows coming in the next month (24th November 2023), and for the fans, the show’s title is revealed to be as My Demon. It must be noted that the Korean dramas have been known to create unique fantasy and romantic stories, and for this reason, the next South Korean romance filled with fantasy TV show, also called as My Demon is one of the most anticipated SBS TV releases for the year. The show My Demon is going to be focusing on a marriage contract which doesn’t get complete without a male demon.

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My Demon Korean Drama Overview

TV ShowMy Demon
GenreFantasy, Romance
Upcoming SeasonSeason 1
Season 1 Release Date24th November 2023
Total EpisodesTBA
CountrySouth Korea
PlatformNetflix, SBS TV
Trailer13th October 2023

My Demon Release Date & Story

The craze for South Korean Dramas has been on the increase for the past months, and there have been many reasons behind it. But the main reason behind the rise of these Korean Dramas to see an increase in their popularity is that the shows are now able to reach a bigger audience, and this includes a good number of teenagers who are also in love with the romantic comedies which the South Koreans have in the store for them. The new fantasy marriage contract which includes a male demon add to this excitement of the viewers who have joined Netflix for these South Korean dramas.

In the series, the story is going to tell about the devilish marriage contract that happens between the heiress of a huge conglomerate, named Do Do Hee in the show, and a male demon who has lost his powers overnight (named as Jung Koo Won in the show). The show is highly anticipated as the My Demon Cast is going to include Kim Yoo Jung as the heiress, Song Kang as a demon, and Lee Sang Yi in another important role.

My Demon Release Date

My Demon Release Date & Plot

The first announcement of the show My Demon had been made in the month of January 2023, when the show had been announced and the expected cast also included the names of Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang. Following this, the first script reading was completed on 12th April 2023 for the actors included. It must be noted that My Demon Premiere is going to be completed on 24th November 2023 on SBS TV, and the My Demon Episodes are also going to be arriving on Netflix around the same time.

The show is going to tell about the romance which happens between the Mirae Group heiress named Do Do Hee, and a demon called Jung Gu Won. Do Do Hee is a devilish person who has many enemies around her, but still falls for the charm of a demon played by Song Kang in the show. Jung Gu Won, the deadly demon has been ruling for more than a hundred years, and both the lead characters decide to enter into a marriage contract. This marriage results in Jung Gu Won to lose all of his powers overnight, but to protect the heiress this demon chooses to stay by Do Do Hee’s side.

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My Demon Cast & Other Updates

The official My Demon Teaser was released by SBS TV on 13th October 2023, and the 54-second video shows the great chemistry of the members of My Demon Cast which include Kim Yoo Jung playing Do Do Hee, Song Kang playing Jung Koo Won, Lee Sang Yi playing Joo Seok, and Lee Yoon Ji playing Noh Soo An.

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The My Demon Episodes are going to be released weekly on every Friday and Saturday for the SBS TV viewers at 10 pm KST, and it is expected that the total number of My Demon Episodes are going to be between 12 and 16.