Trump Indictment – Everything You Need To Know

In 2022’s November, US Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former assistant US Attorney Jack Smith to become a part of the ongoing Trump investigations as a special counsel. This step had been taken by Merrick so that the responsibility of overseeing the two ongoing and preexisting investigations was completed sooner. These investigations which have been handled by Smith have been against former US President Donald Trump and the criminal investigations into Trump’s actions and involvement.

There have been the first FBI investigation which is ongoing for Donald’s role in the recent US Capitol Building Attack, which was done on 06th January 2021 after his presidency had ended. The second DOJ criminal investigation led by Jack has been into the mishandling of documents allegedly by the former President of the US, Donald Trump. In the ongoing case, it has been seen that Trump could be charged with attempts to “injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate” a concerned person “with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege”.

Trump Indictment Overview

It has been reported in multiple articles that former US President Donald Trump is soon going to be charged with criminal charges as early as in the next two days. These charges will be brought against Trump in relation to the actions and events which had led to the US Capitol Building Attack which had been made on 06th January 2021. It has also been reported that the former President had not met with the grand jury to speak as offered in the last week, as updated in the investigation. It has been stated that the reason behind this is that he is going to be charged by the jury in the coming days.

It has been noted in the past that whenever the jury has asked a ‘target’ to give their testimonial statements, it is often a sign that the ‘target’ is going to be charged very soon. Similarly, Trump has been able to predict his arrest saying that it is almost imminent. In the upcoming (possibly the third indictment) indictment charges, it is possible that the Former US President could be charged with Title 18 under Section 241 of the US Code, as reported. The offences that have been put under this category are seen as “conspiracy against rights”, which had been brought into legal effect to clamp down on the activities of extremists in the group, called, the Ku Klux Klan.

Trump Indictment in April 2024

At the beginning of the year 2023, there were multiple investigations which had been ongoing to check whether there had been any wrongdoings by former US President Donald Trump during the US Capitol Attack in 2021, mishandling and storing classified documents on various government matters, and falsifying of business records. Out of all the investigations, the 45th US President has been indicted twice on multiple charges. It must be noted that Donald Trump has been the first US President who has been indicted by a grand jury in the country, as it has been reported.

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In the Stormy Daniels Scandal with Trump, it had been reported that Stormy Daniels had met Trump at a golf tournament in Nevada. As the host of the controversial reality TV series, ‘The Apprentice’, Donald had also been married to his wife back then. According to Stormy, he had invited her to the penthouse, unfolding the scandal as it has been mentioned. Daniel had wanted to sell the story to a magazine, known as the ‘Life & Style’. After Trump’s lawyer had denied making a comment about the story, the story had been leaked by Daniels’ agent, then known to be, Gina, to a famous gossip blog, known as ‘The Dirty’.

Following this, during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Gina again attempted to sell the story to numerous publication agencies. As a result, the story was finally bought by ‘The National Enquirer’ but after October 2016, it was reported that the story had been suppressed by them. This resulted in a nondisclosure agreement, amounting to 130,000 USD in total, between Cohen (Trump’s lawyer) and Daniels. This eventually resulted in the first indictment by a grand jury in Manhattan against Trump for his role in this scandal, which had been related to the ‘hush money’ paid to Daniels.

As per the reports, at first, the payment had not been made by Cohen but later he had taken money out of a secured loan to pay Daniels through a shell company. In the resulting events, the Manhattan DA’s office had also demanded 8 years of Trump’s (org) corporate tax returns. Trump had responded to the indictment by attributing it to clear election interference and political persecution, as it had been reported. He has also pleaded not guilty, as in the recent federal prosecution, to the 34 felony counts of “falsifying business records”.

Trump Indictment in June 2024

In a federal court of Miami, the office of the “Smith Special Counsel Investigation” had filed about 37 felony counts against the former 45th US President, Donald Trump, as it had been mentioned in the grand jury indictment dated 08th June 2023. The charges that have been put against Trump have been related to him allegedly mishandling and storing multiple classified government documents after his presidential tenure had come to an end. Out of the total 37 counts, 31 of the charges against Trump can be put under the ‘Espionage Act’.

While it has been stated that the rest of the charges have been put under “false statements” and “a conspiracy to obstruct justice”. This particular prosecution case had also marked the first federal indictment which had included one of the former US Presidents ever. It has also been stated that the case has included both Trump and one of his personal aides/ valet, Walt Nauta. At the time of Trump’s arraignment, after the indictment had been handed over on 08th June 2023, he had also pleaded ‘not guilty’, as it has been reported, to all the 37 counts of charges. In the recent updates, a judge had again set a pretrial hearing to be scheduled for 14 May 2024, to allow the parties the trial can start from the scheduled date of 20 May 2024.

Trump Indictment – Everything You Need To Know

Trump Indictment (June 2024) Background

As per the charges, which have been brought as it was alleged that Trump had not followed the rules under the Presidential Records Act, which have entailed that after a president’s term has come to an end, the president has to transfer all the documents to the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA. In 2021, it was notified that there had been documents that have gone missing by the Trump Administration. Following this, NARA tried to get the documents back from the following two Trump residences: Mar-a-Logo and The Bedminster Club. It had later been discovered by the FBI that there was a personal involvement of Trump in hiding the documents.

After multiple warnings to Trump’s team about being handled by the Justice Department, his team returned roughly 15 boxes of classified documents in January 2022, as it has been reported. This led the DOJ and the FBI to come together and launch an investigation into how these classified government records had been handled by the former president. As a result, from 30th March 2022, the investigation had started to take speed and Trump had been compelled to return all the remaining documents which had still been missing. After Trump had certified that all the classified US government documents had been retrieved by the NARA, the evidence had been obtained to check the same.

This evidence had been used to prove that Trump had still not returned the important top-secret US government documents and had not fulfilled the court order. It has also been revealed that Donald had intentionally moved the remaining classified US documents, so he could hide them from the FBI and the lawyers after the order had been sent out to him. This had been followed by an official search of his residence in the Mar-a-Logo on 08th August 2022 by the FBI. As a result of the search, the FBI was able to recover about 13,000 more documents, out of which more than 200 documents had been sensitive and classified.

Trump Indictment (June 2023) Proceedings

After the FBI search at Mar-a-Logo had been completed, it had been added later that some of the documents that had been under review had been so sensitive that even for the FBI Counterintelligence and other related officers, there had to be given additional security clearance to review those documents. As a result, in November 2022, Jack Smith was given the lead as a special counsel in the investigation against Trump’s handling of documents. The proceedings had led to the grand jury handing up the second indictment against Donald on 08th June 2023.

It had been reported that Jack’s office would help with a speedy trial and the 37-count indictment against Trump included clear violation by Donald of the US Espionage Act, Obstruction of Justice, False Statements, and conspiracy to withhold documents of classified government matters. Moving forward, the trial is going to follow the full procedural method under the US Classified Information Procedures Act. In a hearing that had been made on 11th July 2023, Trump’s lawyers had asked for the court to delay their trial indefinitely, citing Donald’s upcoming presidential campaign as the main reason.

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Trump’s Indictment (3rd possible indictment)

Now, it has been reported in the recent news that the former 45th USA President, Donald Trump is on the verge of getting charged with criminal charges for his actions in relation to the 2021 attack on the US Capitol Building. It has been mentioned that Donald had missed the offer to meet and speak to the grand jury in the last week. It has now been predicted that a federal indictment is nearing for the former President of the US for his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, according to a hearing that took place on 27th June 2023.

It has been reported that the total count of injuries that resulted after the attack on the US Capitol Building is more than 150. To add to that, the count is only related to the law enforcement officials who had been present on the day of the riots. For this reason, it has been stated that Trump has to face a third indictment very soon, as reported. Also, in one of the recent Truth Social posts which had been made by Donald, he had to clear that if given an offer to speak to any grand jury, then it can be said that an indictment is imminent.

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Trump’s Upcoming Indictment Updates

Charges that have been expected to be in the counts of the upcoming indictment are going to be related to the riots of 2021. According to a recent report on Trump by ‘The Hill’, he could be facing charges in Title 18 under Section 241 Code as per the “conspiracy against rights” in the US Code. There could be additional charges by statute against Trump with relation to witness tampering as per ‘The Hill’. In his response, Trump has attacked Jack Smith in online Truth Social posts, in addition to the various speeches during his campaign.

In the upcoming predictions, it has been reported that the indictment and the pending cases will not be affecting Trump’s electoral chances. Instead, it has also been additionally reported that the case may have a better effect on the upcoming election. This is due to the reason that Trump has still been noted and repeatedly mentioned as the favorite strong candidate who is going to emerge as a winner of the Republican Primary. It has been notified that his previous indictments have not hurt his rapport with the voters who support the Republican Party. Rather, a beneficial effect has been predicted by many US news outlets after his indictment led by Alvin Bragg.

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