US Presidential Election Candidate List, Who’s Leading The President Race

As of September 2023, the US 2024 Democratic Election is still not very close, but this has not stopped the big speculative thought on contenders from getting started. Not only that, at this point, this is not a surprise, and for this reason, we have listed the top candidates from each party, which are going to make the elections more interesting. This list includes the names who are likely to become the contenders from each party in the US Presidential Elections in the coming year of 2024.

These candidates are going to be listed as the final contenders in the 60th US Presidential Elections of the United States. It must be noted that these elections are quadrennial, which means the winner is allowed to serve the country for a total of 4 years as The President of the USA. In the year of 2024, the official date for the US Presidential Elections 2024 is set to be on 05th November 2024, Tuesday. The last contender who will win these quadrennial elections will be chosen to begin with the 4 year term starting from 20th January 2025.

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The Top 5 Democratic Party Choices for the 2024 US Presidential Elections:

  1. Joe Biden – As an incumbent president in the US, Biden is still one of the popular names, but it has not been confirmed that he is going to re-run or not. He is the 46th US President of the US, and has also been the 47th VP or Vice President in the country. He had completed his law from the Syracuse University and was elected as a part of the US Senate in 1972.
  2. Kamala Harris – Harris, as of September 2023, is now 57 years old. To add to that, she is also the 49th US Vice President, and at the same time, the first female VP of the country. She has been the rising star of the Democratic Party after she was elected as the current VP in the US. In the recent months, she has been mentioned to have not handled the border issues correctly in the country.
  3. Pete Buttigieg – Peter Montgomery Buttigieg, who was a naval officer in his early days, and now a politician, is also a popular Democratic name for the US Presidential Elections in 2024. He is also the 19th US Secretary of Transportation, and is also popular with his nickname as “Mayor Pete”. Pete has also been the first gay member in the history of the US Cabinet.
  4. Elizabeth Warren – Elizabeth Ann Warren is an American politician who has been the US Senator from the Northeastern US state of Massachusetts since 2013. She is now 72 years old, but Elizabeth is still popular as being a critic of big organizations and companies on the Wall Street. Warren can be a strong contender, but there are many younger candidates to oppose her in the US 2024 Presidential Elections.
  5. Bernie Sanders – Bernie is 80 years old, and is a senator from Vermont. He is also a democratic socialist, who supports economic equality.
US Presidential Election Candidate List

The Top 5 Republic Party Choices for the US Presidential Elections 2024:

  1. Donald Trump – A former US President, Trump has recently come out embracing the four separate indictments, and for this reason, is still seeing a boost in his popularity. He has also added that these indictments are part of a political witch hunt to stop him from running in the US 2024 Presidential Elections.
  2. Vivek Ramaswamy – An investor in the biotech sector, Vivek is 38, and is seen as the perfect political outsider who can be an alternative to Trump. He has also added that he would pardon Trump, if he wins in the US Presidential Elections of November 2024.
  3. Nikki Haley – Haley has been an ambassador to the UN when Trump was the US President. At 51, she is now seen as a tough conservative, who is going to deal with the issues of gender and race in the country in a better way.
  4. Ron Desantis – Ron’s campaign recently has not been very popular, as he has not been seen as a moderate candidate. He is the top rival for Trump, and has restarted his campaign several times now, but to see little increase in popularity.
  5. Tim Scott – Tim is the only Black US Senator from the Republican Party, but he has very low popularity outside his home state of South Carolina in the US. But his focus on unifying the party has still made him a popular choice.

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Top Green Party Choice for the US Presidential Election in November 2024:

  1. Cornel West – Cornel is also known as an activist, successful academic, and a philosopher, who came out in June saying that he is going to launch another third party bid for president, for his attempt to speak to the progressive cohort of the Democrat leaning voters. He has also been vocal about ending poverty, and to add to that, he speaks about guaranteed housing in the US.
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