Vijay Antony Daughter Death Reason – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

In sad news that has recently come out of the entertainment industry in the South, there is a recent death that has been reported. This news has come as a big shock to all the actors and their family members, who have been a part of the film industry in South India. As per the reports, it has been mentioned that one of the daughters of a Tamil composer & actor has died by committing suicide in her home. This news is related to the professional Indian music composer, singer, actor, and film editor, Vijay Antony’s daughter.

It has been reported that Vijay, who is also a lyricist and an audio engineer working mainly in the Tamil Film Industry, has lost one of his daughters recently. This loss for Vijay Antony has come as one of the biggest news from the Tamil Film Industry, as of now. In the reports, it has been mentioned that Vijay’s daughter Meera ended her life on 19th September 2023, and it has also been reported that the reason for Meera’s death was suicide. Meera was the elder daughter of Vijay, whose other daughter was Lara, with his wife Fatima Vijay Antony.

Vijay Antony Daughter Death Reason

In the recent report which has shocked the whole Kollywood industry, it has been revealed that the Tamil filmmaker and audio engineer, popularly known as Vijay Antony, has faced a huge loss. It is because, out of the two daughters of Vijay Antony, the elder daughter Meera who was 16 years old, was found hanging at their Chennai residence in Tamil Nadu. It is a saddening moment for the Tamil lyricist and composer, and for this reason, Vijay’s friends and fellow actors from the industry have been sending their love to the family.

It must be noted that Meera’s death had come as a surprise for many, as she was one of the brightest students in her school. But there have also been reports that say that Meera was also battling with high stress for a long time, due to which, she had also been taking help professionally. The main reason that is reported to be the cause of Meera’s death on 19th September 2019 is suicide due to this stress. However, there is still not an official report as the news of her tragic death was released after she was found dead at Vijay Antony’s Alwarpet residence in Chennai.

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Vijay Antony Daughter Death Overview

NameMeera Vijay Antony
FatherVijay Antony’s Net Worth
MotherFatima Vijay Antony
Died19th September 2023
Reason of DeathSuicide (by Hanging)
Place of DeathChennai
Last Rites20th September 2023
CemeteryKilpakkam Cemetery
TimeBetween 8 am and 11 am
Vijay Antony Net Worth1 million USD (2023)

Vijay Antony’s Daughter’s Death Reason Explored

On 19th September 2023, it was reported that the Tamil lyricist, sound engineer, and composer, Vijay Antony met the tragic news of his daughter’s demise. The news has brought a shockwave throughout the industry, and the family is still grieving Meera’s (16-year-old) sudden death. As per the reports, Meera had been fighting with depression, and for this reason, she had decided to take the drastic step to end her own life. After Meera’s body was found hanging in the family residence of Vijay Antony around 3 am, Meera was taken to a private hospital, but to no use, as Meera was declared dead by the doctors there.

The news of Meera’s death in her house has been a grieving cause for many of her fellow actors and friends, who have known Vijay for his work. As a result, there have been multiple Tamil actors, who have sent their heartfelt tributes to Meera and her family, after they got to know about her suicide. There have been many visitors who have now started to visit Meera’s residence for help, as her family is still mourning. This includes the likes of Khushbu Sundar, Shoba Chandrasekhar, Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, etc. among others who were present at Vijay’s house.

Vijay Antony Daughter Death Reason

Vijay Antony’s Death Daughter Reason Explained

Vijay Antony, who owns a production company with his wife Fatima, named Vijay Antony Film Corporation, has two daughters named Lara and Meera. For those who don’t know, Meera was the elder daughter who was 16 years old at the time of her death by suicide. Meera had breathed her last at Vijay’s Chennai residence, and the main reason that has been touted to be behind Meera’s drastic step to end her life is high stress and depression. Meera was found hanging in the house around 3 am, after which she was taken to a hospital.

After Meera’s death news have been making rounds on social media, as a result, there is an old post which was made by Fatima for Meera in March had also gone viral. This post by Fatima was sharing a photo of Meera, in which she was wearing a white school uniform and a sash on it in school. This was posted by Meera’s mother to show that she was proud, as Meera had become the cultural secretary in her school, known as Sacred Heart School in Tamil Nadu. It was Manobala Vijayabalan, a film trade analyst in Kollywood, who confirmed Meera’s death after the shocking news.

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Vijay Antony Daughter Death Ceremony & Last Letter

As the police investigate Meera’s death by suicide, the case has also taken a new turn when a letter was found ‘stuck’ in one of the textbooks that Meera used. In the letter, which left everyone teary-eyed, Meera said that she would miss her friends and all the teachers, as she sent her love to all.

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For Meera’s last rites, the Kilpakkam Cemetery will be used, and the last rites are going to be completed as per the Christian rituals between 8 am and 11 am on 20th September 2023. It has been said that the delay in Meera’s last rites had been due to the delay in getting permission for Kilpakkam Cemetary.