ChatGPT Competitor Bard AI Admits to Illegally Snooping on Gmail Data – Learn How Google Responded to the Privacy Breach

Both Google and Microsoft have contributed significantly to improving the lives of humans in modern times. From Microsoft’s computer OS to various other software’s made office work easier, Google put computers in people’s pockets and made email as accessible as SMS for everyone. Now both these companies are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and want to lead the next generation of change.

Google’s AI assistant Bard, which was developed to take on ChatGPT has made shocking claims about how it was trained. Bard AI in yet another incident has revealed that it was trained with users’ Gmail data but Google does not agree with it. Owing to ChatGPT’s growing influence, Google announced its AI chatbot Bard, which is based on the LAMDA language model.

Bard has similar functionalities as the ChatGPT, so therefore there are high possibilities that the AI chat model may present fiction as facts. ChatGPT is actually a chatbot that can give you written and almost accurate answers to many types of questions. This chatbot can also give advice on your personal problems and the possibilities of creating content through this are immense.

ChatGPT Competitor Bard AI Accidentally Admits to Illegally Snooping on Gmail Data

Google’s AI assistant Bard, developed to rival ChatGPT, has caused controversy by allegedly claiming that it was trained on users’ Gmail data. It was developed to compete with the increasingly popular ChatGPT, which is based on GPT-3.5 (for free users) and GPT 4, and an AI tool. However, there are privacy concerns around AI and the data set it uses.

The controversy surrounding Google’s AI tool was brought news by Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford, who shared a screenshot of her conversation with the chatbot. When Kate asked Bard about its dataset, the chatbot reportedly listed publicly available datasets from sources such as Wikipedia and GitHub, as well as internal data from Google products including Gmail and other 3rd party companies.

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Bard AI accidentally reveals it is snooping on Gmail data- Google’s reaction

Google has rubbished this news and issued a clarification on Twitter reacting to the news, Google tweeted from its official account saying, “Bard is an early experiment based on LAMDA language model and will make mistakes and also it is not trained on Gmail data. The generative AI tool Bard, will not always provide you with factually correct data.

A lot of times, it cooks up stories and presents them as facts. This is something even the companies agree with. Google Bard developers also warn users that AI chatbots will not always get the facts right. Also, ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI had said when it rolled out the GPT4 language model, which is a successor to GPT 3, which powers the ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Competitor Bard AI Admits to Illegally Snooping on Gmail Data - Learn How Google Responded to the Privacy Breach

Users will now sign up for Google Bard AI

Alphabet-owned company Google has released its AI chatbot Bard. This chatbot was first released for user feedback but now users will be able to use it. Google has introduced its AI tool to compete with ChatGPT. The company has started the signup facility for Bard AI. If a user wants to use Google’s artificial intelligence-based chatbot, then he/she can sign up by visiting its official website.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has started giving access to the AI chatbot Google Bard AI. Users can sign up to try Google Bard by visiting its official website. In the world of AI-based, ChatGPT supported by Microsoft has tremendous influence. At the same time, Google has challenged ChatGPT by opening the doors of Bard AI for users. The search engine company will first start the Bard chatbot service in the US and UK.

Google has started giving access to Bard through the waitlist. Users can apply by visiting the official website of the board and clicking on the Join Waitlist button. However, signing up for Bard AI with a Google Workspace account will not work. Apart from this, Google has given limited availability for the boot. Now it has to be seen how Google Bard competes with ChatGPT.

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