Ja Morant Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Career, Age, Height, Family, Earnings

Ja Morant, who is an American basketball player in the NBA, was born on 10 August 1999. Ja has been a professional basketball player who has been a part of the Memphis Grizzlies team which plays in the National Basketball Association, or as it has come to be known everywhere in short as, the NBA. Ja had only been lightly recruited by the NCAA Division 1 programs and also he had been mostly unranked by the recruiting services. Morant has also played basketball at the college level, where he was declared a ‘First Team All American’ in his sophomore year in 2019.

Ja had been in the recent news reports which have been making rounds on social media, in which it has been stated that the future of a lawsuit against the Memphis Grizzlies star is now going to depend on whether he will be allowed to say that he had been self-defensive or not. The lawsuit had been initiated against Ja Morant detailing that Ja had assaulted a teenager when he had been playing a pickup basketball game at his mansion last July. The incident had taken place at the Memphis star’s house where it had hosted a pickup game in Eads, Tennessee.

Ja Morant Net Worth 2023

Ja Morant, who has been a Memphis Grizzlies star in the NBA, had been recruited by the Grizzlies team as the second pick overall in the 2019 NBA Drafts. Before this, Morant had played college basketball for the team of Murray State Racers. He had also been termed as the ‘All Region Most Valuable Player’ 3 times and he had also received the ‘All-State Honors’ at the Crestwood High School in Sumter, South Carolina. Despite being unranked after all the honors, he had still been able to make an impact at Murray State University.

At Murray State University, he had also been able to earn the ‘First Team All-Conference Honors’ in the Ohio Valley Conference or OVC when he had played as a freshman. Following this, he also won the OVC Player of the Year Award in his sophomore season, where he also led the NCAA in assists. In his sophomore year, Ja Morant had also become the first player in the history of the NCAA who had averaged more than 20 points and more than 10 assists in each game for a complete season. He had also been awarded the ‘NBA Most Improved Player Award’ in later games in 2022.

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Ja Morant Bio & Earnings Overview

NameJa Morant
Born10th August 1999
BirthplaceSouth Carolina, US
OccupationBasketball Player in the NBA
PositionPoint Guard
EducationCrestwood High School, Murray State University
TeamMemphis Grizzlies
Known For2x NBA All Star (2022, 2023)
ParentsJamie Morant & Tee Morant
Height6.2 ft
Weight79 kg
Net WorthOver 8 million USD

Ja Morant’s Early Life, Age & Family

Ja was born as Temetrius Jamel Morant, on 10th August 1999 in South Carolina, in the US. He had spent most of his childhood years in Dalzell. He was raised by Tee Morant and Jamie Morant. Jamie (Ja’s Mother) had played as a point guard in high school days and as a softball player in her college days. Tee (Ja’s father) had also played basketball at the college level. His father had taught him jump shots and had designed practice exercises to make Ja’s jumping abilities better. He had also often practiced with players above his age.

For one season of the Amateur Athletic Union Circuit, he had been on the same team as Zion Williamson. Morant had also attended Crestwood High School, situated in Sumter South Carolina in the US. He had grown from 5.9ft to 6ft in his first 3 years with the team. Morant left his high school team as a 3 time ‘All Region Most Valuable Player’ and had also helped the South Carolina Class 3A All-State Honors in the last two seasons. Morant had not been ranked by the recruiting services such as ESPN, Rivals, etc. His major NCAA Division 1 offer had come from South Carolina.

Ja Morant Net Worth 2023

Ja Morant Career Beginnings & Recruitment

As Ja had not been ranked by recruiting services, his major NCAA Division 1 offer had only come from South Carolina. At this time, he had also been discovered by Murray State in July 2016. His game had impressed the assistant coach James Kane who had been at the same camp where Morant had been playing a 3 3 game in the auxiliary gym. This had allowed Morant to secure a scholarship after James had contacted Matt McMahon, the head coach. On 03rd September 2016, Morant committed to play for Murray State during a dinner with the head coach.

In his freshman year, Morant posted his first triple-double on 28th December 2017 in a match with Eastern Illinois. This was only the second triple-double in the history of the school after 1984’s first one. This game had also seen the record for most assists in a single CFSB Center game. Another record that he had was to have the third most assists in a single game by a Murray State player. In his sophomore year, he was awarded the OVC Player of the Year while leading the division in assists. As a result, he had been drafted second overall during the 2019 NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Ja Morant Latest News & Records

In the 2019 NBA Draft, Ja had been picked second overall by the NBA Team Memphis Grizzlies. As a result, he signed a 4-year contract for over 39 million USD with the Grizzlies. Following this, on 23rd October 2019, he made his NBA debut. Morant had also been selected to be a part of the Rising Stars Game for the 2019-20 season. At the end of the season, he had also been named the NBA Rookie of the Year and had earned the NBA All-Rookie First Team Honor. Morant had also led the Grizzlies to the first Southwest Division Title in the franchise’s history. He had been named the winner of the NBA Most Improved Player Award.

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In recent reports, it has been revealed that in an incident from September 2022, Morant is one of the defendants in a lawsuit from Shelby County, Tennessee. As per the reports, the plaintiff had accused Ja of punching a 17-year-old male during a pickup game that had been organized at his house in Tennessee. It had also been reported that the two had a verbal altercation and the 17-year-old ‘accidentally’ had hit Morant. This was responded to by Morant with a punch to the 17-year-old, which he has claimed to be a result of self-defense. The police report had been filed by the mother of this 17-year-old. His recent contract has been signed for 190 million USD over a duration of 5 years.