American Horror Story Season 12 – Cast, Storyline, Episodes and More

In the recent reports for the entertainment viewers on TV, the big update has finally come out. This update has come out at a time when most of the shows which had been scheduled to be released in the fall season of 2023 in Hollywood are facing delays for many reasons. The main reason which has been mentioned for these popular shows to be cancelled and delayed is the actors and writers strikes, which have still not ended in the US. These strikes have been the reason for disappointment for many fans, but the fans of the horror TV show, American Horror Story have not been a part of this.

This is because the fans of American Horror Story did not have to wait for long before the release date for the show was announced. To add to that, the show’s twelfth season has now come to be aired on the popular pay TV cable network in the US, FX. Before the American Horror Story Season 12 Premiere, it was announced by FX in the past month that the season is going to be finally released for the audience. It was also added by the network at the same time that the season is also going to be split into two parts, which are going to see two separate releases.

American Horror Story Season 12 FX Premiere

The good news for the fans of the US based American Horror Story, a horror anthology show had arrived in the month of August 2023, when on 15th August 2023, it was officially confirmed by the pay TV network FX that the show was gearing up for the release. This surprise for the fans had been finally revealed, when the first episode for the season 12 premiere of American Horror Story had arrived for FX viewers on 20th September 2023. After the first episode for the American Horror Story Season 12 was released, there had been another question for the fans, if the show is going to return again with its next season or not.

To help with this, it has been reported that the show has already been renewed till season 13th in January 2020, and this had been confirmed by the network officially. The twelfth season of this American Horror Anthology Series, has been titled as American Horror Story: Delicate which premiered on the FX network on 20th September 2023. This season is going to be released in two parts, and we don’t know yet about the release date for part 2. There has been various crossovers in the American Horror Story or AHS universe within the episodes which occur in the same fictional universe.

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American Horror Story Seasons & Episodes Overview

TV ShowAmerican Horror Story
GenreHorror, Anthology
Upcoming SeasonSeason 12
Season TitleAmerican Horror Story: Delicate
Season 12 Release Date Part 120th September 2023
Season 12 Release Date Part 2TBA
Based OnDelicate Condition Novel
AuthorDanielle Valentine

American Horror Story Season 12 Story

The first season of American Horror Story had achieved the exceptional most viewed status for a new cable series, when it had the debut on the pay cable TV network of FX in 2011. The series has also been a popular choice with the TV critics, and as a result, many cast members have been able to bag multiple awards such as the Emmy Awards (won by Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and James Cromwell), and a Golden Globe Award by Lady Gaga. It was announced on 10th April 2023 that the premiere of American Horror Story: Delicate is going to be in the mid of 2023.

This was a big update for the AHS fans, as it had also confirmed that the cast will be joined by Kim Kardashian too. In the series, there are multiple self-contained AHS miniseries, which have different characters in a new situation but within the shared universe of the show. For example, the first season Murder House focused on a family living in a haunted house. This was followed by the second season Asylum, in which the story focused on the staff and patients of a madhouse. In the season twelfth of AHS, Kim plays the role of Siobhan, who is a publicist for Anna (played by Emma Roberts).

American Horror Story Season 12

American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 2023 & Plot

In the latest season of AHS, the first episode for the season had premiered on FX on 20th September 2023, and the main reason for its buzz is the new cast member: Kim Kardashian, who has been praised for her excellent performance. Kim has joined to play the role of Siobhan Corbyn, who is a publicist for Emma Roberts’ Anna. It must be noted that AHS: Delicate has been developed by taking inspiration from the Danielle Valentine’s novel, known as Delicate Condition. The American Horror Story Season 12 Trailer was released on 06th September 2023, and it was also reported that the season is going to be released in two parts.

The first part is going to contain a total of 4 episodes, for which the release dates are as follows:

AHS Season 12 Episodes & Title    Release Date
Multiply Thy Pain20th September 2023
Rockabye27th September 2023
When the Bough Breaks04th October 2023
Vanishing Twin  11th October 2023

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The first episode Multiply Thy Pain, starts with an up and coming actress, named Anna Alcott. It shows that she is going to be a popular star very soon, but at the same time, Anna feels that her dream of becoming a star and a mother is on target by something nefarious. She doesn’t understand about why her family and friends try to unbalance her growing career. As a result, she begins to get paranoid, and crazy about her situation. Anna still gets to have a baby with the help of IVF, but she has to suffer a miscarriage later.

American Horror Story Season 12 Cast & Other Updates

The promotions of AHS Season 12: Delicate reminded audience of the 1968 horror movie, known as Rosemary’s Baby, and the season also includes the cast as:

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Emma Roberts (Anna), Matt Czuchry (Dexter), Kim Kardashian (Siobhan), Michaela Rodriguez (Nicolette), Julie (Mr. Preecher), and Maaz Ali (Kamal).