Chandra Grahan 2024 Date & Time in India: Lunar Eclipse Timing Sutak

The last lunar eclipse of the year 2023 is going to happen on 8 November 2022 (Today). A lunar eclipse is an astronomical event but at the same time eclipse is considered very important as religiously. Know Chandra Grahan 2023 Time in India and where it can be seen. It will be a pure chandra grahan in some parts, while there will be a aanshik chandra grahan in some parts. Here we are sharing information about the Chandra Grahan 2023 Sutak period and various important things about it.

A total lunar eclipse will be visible in the northeastern states of India. Apart from India, it will be visible in America, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific. It will take place on the date of Dev Deepawali on Kartik Purnima, you must remember that the last solar eclipse of the year, which took place on 25 October 2022, also took place on the next day of Diwali on Kartik Amavasya Tithi.

Chandra Grahan 2024 Time India

On 8 November 2022, the last lunar eclipse of the year 2023 will take place on Kartik Purnima and it is the second lunar eclipse of the year 2023. Due to the sighting of the lunar eclipse in India, its Sutak period will be there. For the first time in India, the total lunar eclipse will be seen in Arunachal Pradesh state so the citizens of this state must be aware of it and should read this article.

A total lunar eclipse will be seen in the northeastern states of the country while a partial lunar eclipse will be seen in other places. On Tuesday, as soon as the moon rises in the evening, the lunar eclipse will be visible in India at the same time and the lunar eclipse will end at 6.19 pm.

What is Lunar Eclipse?

As per astronomy, when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, the Moon is completely or partially covered. As a result of which a condition of partial or total lunar eclipse is happened.

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Chandra Grahan 2024 Date and Time

Chandra Grahan DateNovember 8, 2022
Chandra Grahan Start Time (with moonrise)November 8, 2022 – 05:32 PM
Chandra Grahan Ends TimeNovember 8, 2022 – 06:18 PM
Chandra Grahan45 minutes 52 seconds
Chandra Grahan 2024 Date & Time in India: Lunar Eclipse Timing Sutak

2024’s Last Lunar Eclipse Sutak Time

The Sutak of the Lunar Eclipse is considered nine hours before the start of the lunar eclipse according to the rules. But the steak of the lunar eclipse of 8 November will be considered with sunrise. In fact, in India, this lunar eclipse will be seen in different parts of the country, so its Sutak will be valid from the time of sunrise.

After the salvation of the eclipse, it will be right according to the scriptures to do all the religious work from 6.19 pm onwards. Within 15 days after the solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is taking place on the full moon of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month on 08 November 2022. We want to tell you that this time the second and last Chandra Grahan 2023 is going to happen on 8 November 2022.

Sutak BeginsNovember 8, 2022 – 09:21 AM
Sutak EndsNovember 8, 2022 – 06:18 PM

Lunar Eclipse 2024 Rashifal & Other Precautions

According to astrologers, the lunar eclipse will start in India at 05:32 pm on 8 November and at the same time, it will end at 06.18 in the evening. The Sutak period will be effective from 9.21 am.

  • Eating food and worshiping during an eclipse is considered inauspicious.
  • Also, avoid traveling during Lunar Eclipse 2023.
  • Pregnant women should avoid going out and eating or drinking during this period as there is a possibility of defects related to Moon-Sun and Rahu-Ketu in the rashifal of the unborn child
  • People who are sick, elderly, and young kids should stay at home during the time of Lunar Eclipse.

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Things to do during a lunar eclipse

  • Before the lunar eclipse starts, that is, when the Sutak period is in effect, already broken basil leaves should be kept in the food items.
  • During the lunar eclipse, you should remember the names of your isht devta.
  • To reduce its effect during the lunar eclipse, mantras related to the moon should be chanted.
  • Gangajal should be sprinkled all over the house after the lunar eclipse is over.

Chandra Grahan 2024 City Wise Moon Rise Time

City NameMoon Rise Time
Delhi05:31 PM
Bengaluru05:57 PM
Mumbai06:03 PM
Guwahati04:37 PM
Patna05:05 PM
Ranchi05:07 PM
Lucknow05:20 PM
Srinagar05:31 PM
Varanasi05:14 PM
Nagpur05:32 PM
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